my SATA2 WD drive doesn't respond!

Hey everyone!

So I got the WD2500KS SATA2 250GB drive a little while ago. It stopped responding a little while ago and only now I'm getting back to it.
What I mean by not responding is that when I plug it into the SATA2 port (yellow right?) the drive doesn't get detected. when I put it into the SATA port it, SII gives me an error message saying it is "invalide" 8O

my motherboard is Gigabyte nForce 4Ultra with an Athlon64x2 3800 processor.

anyone know how I could get the drive to respond?
I installed the WD Datalifeguard tool but it doesn't detect it, same with the DataLifeguard Diagnostics tools doesn't detect it either.

Is there a jumper setting I should be concerned about?
your help is always apreciated

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  1. Could be a bad drive. Do you have another computer to test it on. Also might try a known good drive in those ports.
  2. The drive spins but doesn't respond on the computer.

    I don't have another computer to test it on
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