Dual Graphics Battle?? Article a little biased to nvidia..??

Ok that conclusion did not go with the data... i read the article thoughly, and overall the ati chipset performed just as well with close-to all, if not all, of the benchmarks.... you have to remember they were comparing 2 different generations of GPU's and those benchmarks are the only ones where the ati fell behind because the card being used was 1 year old, compared against a 3 month old card??? come on arent you supposed to compare the memory, cpu, synthetic also??

PS. - I AM BIASED TO NVidia myself and i thought that conclusion was extremely biased

Comments Anyone?
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  1. The article was not comparing the card, it was comparing the CrossFire and the SLI format to determine which at this particular moment was better for gaming. Besides being biased is fun. DEATH TO THE EVIL HELLHOUNDS OVER AT ATI!!! :twisted: 8O :twisted:
  2. yes they were comparing the 2 technologies, but they were also comparing the NVidia SLI motherboard, with the ATI Crossfire board, i still see it as being biased...

    I have been reading news from this site since its conception, and i hope this doesnt turn into another "FOX News Network" ****shakes fist****
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