sun and cisco gear

i have the following:

Cisco Stuff

2620 Router - 16F/64D, 1FE port. - the switch is loaded. you can pick up ethernet and serial WICs relatively cheaply off of eBay. it'll make a great SOHO router or can be used for a lab.

3620 Router - 16F/64D w/ 1xNM-4B-U NT1 4 port ISDN BRI module.

WS-C2948G - 48 10/100 ports, and 2 gige ports. the gig-e ports have a fiber GBIC.

Catalyst 4003 - w/ 1xWS-X4012 Management/Supervisor Engine, w/ 1xWS-X4148-RJ21 48-port 10/100 telco module.

Cisco Network Analysis Module WS-X6380-NAM

All the devices are in great working condition, and can be used in a production environment or in a lab for a CCNP/DP/IE, etc. The 4003, 2620, 3620 are all modular devices which can be upgraded to do a multitude of things.


Sun Stuff

Sun Ultra 60 - it's a barebones system with 1 CPU. you can pick up memory and an HD for this system pretty cheap off of eBay.


All items do not include shipping. I prefer local pickups. However, I will work with you in handling shipping so that it's best for both parties involved.


2620 - $200
3620 w/module - $250
WS-C2948G - $375
4003 w/modules - $450

take these 4 items for $1175 AND i'll pay for shipping if the items do need to be shipped to you.

WS-X6380-NAM - $750
Ultra 60 - $10
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  1. Hi,
    i recently bought a u60 with everything and promptly changed the NVRAM to the ttya1 port; I couldn't see the screen, I promptly lost control, sold both 450Mhz and a 18.2 and a 36.? do you have NVRAM two 450Mhz and a HDD I was kicked off ebay I made a mistake and someone won a 20in1 flash card reader for a .01 so I didn't sell and they kicked me. aparently the person didn't like that I refunded her/his money.
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