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It is a good review, but the obvious thing that lept to my mind was nobody can afford two top-end cards other than a few techno-slaves that have to have the very best possible ASAP. It's exactly like the auto magazines saying a car "stinks" because it only does 0-60 in 7 seconds. Well, to them I guess it does, but to the rest of us - I can't remember when I needed to go faster than 10 seconds.

What about two $90-120 cards for the rest of us - and match it up against single higher-end cards in the $250-$400 range. If we could save $50-100 over a top-end card and get simmilar results(plus no waiting/holliday madness), I'd like to find out.

Of course, the test should be using optimum performers - like a 6600 or simmilar - the top end of the budget line, or right where the prices jump towards the sky.
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  1. If you do a google, you'll find lots of entry-level card reviews... X1300, 6600 non-gt's, 6200s, X700's, X300s, and even those horrible turbocache and hypermemory cards.

    But yeah, it'd be nice to see them all lined up in a row.
  2. Quote:
    What about two $90-120 cards for the rest of us

    You are not worth advertising to, the margins are too small, why waste the time on a review of parts where most people will buy on MB anyways.

    Well, to them I guess it does, but to the rest of us - I can't remember when I needed to go faster than 10 seconds.

    That analogy doesn't work very well, since there's not a fuel economy type of indicator. When people buy cards they don't only want best 0-60 but also top speed, and in N.Am and most markets there are speed limits. For graphics cards that's not the case (other than system limits, which would be like physical limits of the road you drive upon). All things being equal everyone will buy the fastest they can, period, not gold back for the +10s 0-60.

    Also they already have the performance of the X300, X1300, GF6200, and the X800GT/GTO and GF6600 series reviewed, you just need to look for it. But like I said, people buying the bottom of the barrel usually don't do enough research, even when the information is already available.

    People expect new reviews every week to cover the products they are looking at today, instead of lookint at old reviews.

    Anywhoo, like I said low-cost market isn't worth the marketing effort, cheap never is.
  3. I understand your point, but marketing analness and typical editor egos aside(lol), I really don't see such a comparison. Here I can buy a motherboard with two PCI-E slots in it, and thanks to the newest drivers, I don't need the silly bridge cable, so why NOT see how a couple of semi-budget SLI type cards do compared to not the newer SLI cards, like everyone else's reviews, but against the next level of video cards - ONE card in the $250-$300 "midrange".
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