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Ok, i just ordered ten masscool fans from newegg for 10 bucks and am wondering how i should place them in my generic JustPC case.

3.0 Prescott
Asus P4800SE 865PE
1 GB 3200 Kingston RAM
6600gt eVGA
Sound Blaster 2ZS
JustPC 425Watt

There is a slot in the back of the case, one on the side (above/near the CPU), and two in the front. How shoould I configure it? Also, any1 know some good ways i can place the other 6 fans in my case, if there is a way.
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  1. Cut holes in the bottom of the case, and install the 10 fans facing downwards...the first hover PC! :lol:
  2. Quote:
    the first hover PC!

    ROFL, Rich.

    For those fans, the 2 in front blowing in, the one on the side blowing in, the one in back blowing out.

    Stick the others on the shelf and use for next build. :)

    I guess you could drill holes all over if you wanted, but there's not much point unless you have heat problems, want a hover PC and/or one that sounds like a jet plane... But anyways, keep the in and out approx even, going in at the front and bottom, and out at the back and top. Remember to count the PSU fan as an out.

  3. Ok, installed all four fans... but now my comp sounds like a jet takeoff (all the time)... which fans should i take out to lessen the noise but have the best heat increase/noise ratio??? Also, any other tips of quieting them down cheap... emphasis on the cheap...
  4. LOL, yep, those aren't exactly the quietest fans I'm sure.

    You could do a voltage mod - usually fans run on 12v. If you do some wiring and power them from the 12v and 5v lines (instead of 12v and ground) you'll get 7v which will slow the fan down so its quieter.

    I'd pull one of the front fans out completely. Lower the voltage on the others. Possibly pull the fan blowing out the back (do that only if its still too loud after lowering the voltage on them all).

    Umm, I don't remember the colors (if I was looking at a PSU I could tell) but I think red is 12v and yellow is 5v.

    The other option is a fan controller. Don't know anything about them except they have knobs/controls to lower fan speed.

  5. I'm like a complete noob to modding computers, so can you plz give some basic guidelines on how to do the voltage mod? Thanks...

    BTW- A fan controller is not really in the question, ive looked at them and ther e like 20 bucks each so no
  6. The fans have a molex connector on them (same as you'd plug into a CD drive or hard drive). There's 4 wires on those connectors from the PSU - red, yellow and 2 black. The fans should only have 2 wires going from the fan into that 4 wire plug, red and black. Disconnect the black wire and connect it to the yellow wire's socket.
  7. just send the fans my way, i'll make good use!!!
  8. 7v mod is free, more efficient than fan controllers, and works well.
  9. In my experience, which is quite long, I've always believed in pushing air across the heatsink so in the case of CPU, always toward the CPU or across the heatsink if there is not room. Today I ran into my first occurance where this was incorrect. The processor fan was blowing the heat from the processor into the case and had nowhere to go so was making the GPU run extremely hot. Motherboard and CPU were staying way cool Make sure you have good cool air coming in the front of the case across your drives, cooling them, and that you have good air circulation going out the back, usually from the power supply. Other than this, the rear chasis fan and the side fan can be very interchangeable depending on you case design and CPU thermal solution.
  10. Just an FYI, sometimes adding the side fan along with the front and back may make some components run HOTTER. Only testing will confirm this. For my comp, the CPU and graphics ran hotter by a few degrees even though the fan was right on the GPU. The Northbridge ran quite a bit cooler, 5-10 degrees. That's because little air got to the NB in the previous config. I got my setup working now where everything is cool only after a rigid change and test process. No side fan, front to back air flow and by moving the GPU to another slot away from Northbridge.

    The only advice I would have is "feel the flow" corny, I know, but its true. Go for good air flow over many fans pushing air in all directions. Off the cuff, I would say remove the side fan, but test it yourself with CPUID HWMonitor.

    And about the fan noise, is there an option in BIOS for the fans? Speedfan is the only program that I tried that can control the fan speed. It works.

    If you have room in the back, try putting another fan there. I think there are mounts for the back if you have some empty PCI slots. Also, If you have a section without hard drives, you can place a fan there. my case came with a mount for that spot. Cram all the hard drives into one section and put a fan blowing right on the GPU in the other section. Its nice to spread the components out but hard drives don't give off very much heat.
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