(Noob)What motherboards support pentium D?

Pentium D's have a socket 775 connection, but when i look at motherboards with this type of connection, the highest processor support that all the motherboards say is pentium 4, is this becuase the motherboards are older than pentium D, or is it because they just dont support pentium d? and if so, what motherboard supports pentium D AND has DDR ram capabilities?

Thanx for the help
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  1. Pentium D is 775 but has different Pin layout so you need a new board. I have no idea what boards support 775 but someone here may help you.
  2. There are two pin layouts for socket 775?~?
    I must have missed that, I thought it was power requirements or something that could be fixed in BIOS, but manu rather sell a new board supporting dual core.
  3. You want a board with an Intel 945 or 955 chipset.

    Something like an Asus P5LD2. Most other mfgs make them too, but Asus makes some of the best mobos for Intel around.

    Oh, you want DDR as well? I don't think its gonna happen. You can get a DDR controller on a mobo with the 915 chipset, but that doesn't support Pentium D. I don't think Intel put the ability to support DDR on the 945 chipset.

  4. socket LGA775 can have DDR, DDR2, and support pentium 4, pentium D, and core 2's. it mostly depends on the northbridge, and the VRM on the motherboard, as each proccessor (and ram specification) have different input voltages, and the BIOS needs to be able to recognize them so it applys the correct voltage on bootup (something usefull, because core 2's use much less voltage then pentium D's)
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