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Three questions on three AGP cards

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December 1, 2005 4:52:30 PM

Guys, don't roll your eyes. I know this is a ubiquitous question, but "your opinion on which AGP" - that is what the forum is here for.

Here's my rig......P3.2, Intel 865GBF, ATi Raedon 9800Pro, 1GB/400 Mhz.......

Now, I can't upgrade to the PCI Express version without throwing this whole thing out (I have the northwood P 3.2 - 478 socket, which, and please correct me if I am wrong, does not fit into the new 9XXX series boards). So since I am stuck an AGP slot. I am trying to upgrade my Graphics card and I have researched and finally picked out a few.


Now here are a couple of questions:

1. Obviously which one, of the three, in your opinion?

2. If its the ATi, then there is not too much difference in the VGA charts VII (at TG) between the X850 and the X800, so is the extra dinero on the X850 justified?

3. If its the Nvidia, about the BFG 6800GT, since it is already overclocked, and retailing at about $370, would it be better than the Asus X850XT PE which is for $354 at Would it be better than a normal 6800GT which I could overclock myself ? The Albatron 6800GT 256MB costs about $274 at newegg. Is the BFG worth the extra dinero? Would the X850XT PE be better if I oc'ed it? Would the BFG be like paying a 100 bucks more for an increase of 2 fps? Again your opinion/experience...........

Thanks guys.

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December 1, 2005 5:06:46 PM

Go for the 6800GT. It outperforms the x800XL/GTO in BF2, Doom3, and FEAR. Only game the x800 beats the 6800GT is Half Life 2- but not by much.

Here's a review on the 6800GS, but it also includes the 6800GT and X800XL in the benchmarks: (note, they're all PCI-E cards, but there shouldn't be a huge performance disconnect between the PCI-E and AGP versions)

I would get the Albatron 6800GT and overclock it yourself. Save the $$$

December 1, 2005 6:04:32 PM

The 6800GT outperforms the X800XL or GTO, but I think he's comparing it to an X800 XT PE... which is a much faster card than the XL or GTO.

Given price parity between a 6800GT or X800/X850 XT PE, I'd take the XT PE hands down...
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December 1, 2005 6:06:39 PM

And the GTO can unlock pipes and run at XTPE speeds!
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December 1, 2005 8:09:29 PM

Performance wise, this is easy. X850XTpe > X800XTpe >>> 6800GT. The X850XTpe is the best AGP gaming card available, whith the X800XTpe coming in second. The X850Xt, GF6800U, and X800XT are all still above the 6800GT, which really trades blows with a X800XL. (that basically sums up the best AGP has to offer)

It all depends on your budget and prices. If you are in the USA(Neweeg=a yes), I'll make another suggestion. The AIW X800XT. It's the best value in high end AGP now. It is a slightly slower clocked X800XTpe so it sits just below the X800XTpe in performance. It is still above a a 6800GT though, closer to a 6800Ultra. Anyway, for the price, you get good performance, video inputs for video capture, a TV tuner, and even a remote control. I wouldn't consider a plain 6800GT over this card unless you happen to find one at a significant savings. (which is doubtful if you are in the USA) Based on your pricing, no way buy the BFG 6800GT, this card is better for the same price.
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December 1, 2005 8:24:16 PM

Here are some more benchmarks for you. Click on the game and resolutions that matter to you. Obviously, the 1600x1200 AA/AF charts will seperate the top cards more than cpu bound 1024x768 tests. But you should look at what matters to you. If you have a 19" LCD with a native resolution of 12x10, then look at the 1280x1024 AA/AF charts to see what these cards can do for you. If you have a 21" CRT, the X850XTpe and X800XTpe (and 6800U in some games) are going to generally be the only really capable 1600x1200 cards, especially with any level of AA.