I have MDAC 2.8 installed but need the support you get from 2.5. How do I uninst

I need the support you get from MDAC 2.5 (Visual FoxPro Applications need it) but on my Windows 7 workstation MDAC 2.8 is installed. I know that MDAC is under the file protection rule but I need to get by this for the 2.5 support version. How do I Uninstall MDAC 2.8 so I can install version 2.5 in Windows 7?
Question #2: If I am sucessful in installing MDAC 2.5 does the higher versions keep the 2.5 supports that the higher versions do have i.e. Visual FroPro support or does the higher versions just overwrite the older version? Please Help--
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  1. First, you need to edit your original post to remove your e-mail address. That is a sure way to get tons of SPAM via the bots that comb through websites looking for addresses.

    Second, MDAC 2.8 should also support MDAC 2.5. What specifically are you trying to solve?

    Also, do you have administrator access to the system you are referring to?
  2. Thanks for the heads up on my embedded email address :)
    Thanks for the heads up on my embedded email address :)
    From Microsoft: This release does not include Microsoft Jet, the Microsoft Jet OLE DB Provider or ODBC driver, the Desktop Database ODBC Drivers, or the Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver.
    This is the case for any version above version 2.5. I need to install MDAC 2.5 with its highest SP on Windows 7 workstation at my work, but you can't if there is a higher version. I cannot install Visual FoxPro's service pack #4 without MDAC 2.5.
    You can try to install but it just starts and then goes away. After some research I found that MDAC falls under the file protect blanket and to modify it i.e. round back on remove it you need to turn the file protection off (which i did). This didn't work as advertised as the uninstall just starts and goes away as before. I figure I am missing something here. Yes I am in IT and responsible for a number of servers and workstations which are running some old software that need the support that MCAC 2.5 provides i.e. Visual FoxPro. My company wants to move to Window 7 on their workstations, hence my Troubleshooting trying to find out if there is any road blocks and if there is how to solve them.
  3. I think I understand better now. What version of Win 7 are you running?
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