10,000rpm vs 16mb cache

For gaming speed would a 74Gig Raptor or a 250Gig 16mb cache WD be faster, or negligible difference?
If I went with the first, I'd a storage drive later.
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  1. While gaming? Assuming you have enough RAM, the only thing the HD speeeds up is zone/level loads and bootup. On short bursts 16mb cache will be as fast as the Raptor, but the Raptor wins in the long haul.

  2. Definitely the Raptor. Nothing beats raw RPM's.
  3. roger that.. more RPM's OhOH oHHHH!!!
  4. I have a 74mb Raptor, and a 16mb 250gig Maxtor.

    Both are quite fast, and I can not tell the difference in operation whether accessing RAPTOR or Maxtor unless I benchmark them.

    If you need the fastest period, go Raptor...
    Ir you need very fast and spacious, go 16mb cache, 250 or 300gig
  5. £/Performance Maxtor wins easily
    Performance Raptor wins (but by 5 secs per level load?)

    I'd get the Maxtor.
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