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The folder settings on my work PC are being reset to default quite regularly
(e.g. control panel changes from large icons to list).

Does anyone know why this happens, and if there is a solution ?

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    Hi Kevin,

    you are asking about one of the great mysteries of NT4.0 - the effect is
    observed continually by me on virtually every NT4.0 machine I have ever seen. I
    suspect there are several lurking bugs in Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) that
    have NEVER been resolved.

    Changing settings and/or forgetting settings are two of the most commonplace
    symptoms. I also find every now and again it manages to corrupt the
    ShellIconCache resulting in wrong icons in some places, the mini-icon next to
    the 'My Computer' on the title bar of the explorer window being the most
    frequent manifestation, but it shows up elsewhere every now and again.

    There are also reports of people having grave difficultly getting explorer to
    remember window size, location and display defaults (ie: large icons, small
    icons, list etc...)

    To date nobody has been able to come up with a definative answer as to how to
    'work around' these issues. I suspect we are now stuck with the behavior - what
    hope do you think we would have of getting Microsoft to fix this now ??

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    Thanks Calvin, I must admit that I doubted whether there would be a
    solution. Anyway the company I am working for is upgrading from NT to XP
    next year !
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    Hi Kevin,

    The problem isn't that great - I find most of the time people using the NT4
    machine don't notice it has happened until I point it out to them. (says a lot
    of about the total lack of powers of observation by the average human being)
    There have been various theories and work-arounds proposed by different people
    in the newsgroups relating to NT4 over the last couple of years, but as I said
    before, nothing definitive :-(

    I was hoping our discussion may prompt other users to come forward with their
    ideas on this subject. It would be nice if we could get a written, reliable fix
    or work-around to tame a couple of explorer's more errant behaviors.

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