WICH ram should I take for Asus A8N-SLI premium/X2 4200+

Hi I just put my rig togehter, almost finshed only need to buy RAM.
I have a amd X2 4200+ on a Asus A8N-SLI premium. I want to overclock it. SO wich ram[2gig] is the best for overclocking ? (money doesnt matter). I was thinkin about:

OCZ EL PC4000 Gold [2gig]
OCZ EB PC4000 Platinum[2gig]
Corsair TWINX2048-3500LLpro[2gig]
Corsair 2GB PC-4000 Platinum[2gig]
Crucial Balltics PC4000 [2gig]
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  1. You want Samsung TCCD chips, they are all the same and overclock similar.
    They should run 2-2-2-5 at 200mhz and up as far as you can take them with more voltage and looser timings.
    Corsair TwinX Pro uses that chip, among others.
  2. I would say the
    1. OCZ EB 4000
    2. Crucial Balistix
    and then the rest....

    For 2GB kits i recentently read a review on the OCZ EB 4000 Plat. and it was VERY nice they OC like a beast because they can do great timgings low and hig speeds. I also know the Crucail Ballistx will go to very high speeds for a 2GB kit.
  3. BTW, next time one post and wait. Multi-posting in other forumz is not needed.
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  5. These all run at 1T?
  6. so Im a noob.... lets just get that out of the way.... what is EB 4000? i though i could only use pc3200. Plz someone explain.
  7. Technically, you can use any speed RAM in your motherboard so long as it's DDR and 184 pin. You can range from PC2100 to PC5000 and things <should> work. (note: not all motherboards support the old PC2100 or PC2600 speeds anymore, but most do)

    When overclocking, it's best to get RAM that faster than PC3200/DDR400 or faster than what the CPU's FSB is rated at. Why? The most common and effective way to overclock your system is to increase the front side bus. When you do this, the RAM speed is automatically bumped up.

    If you have DDR400 (PC3200) RAM and OC via the FSB, you're going to hit limitations. PC4000 is rated at 250mhz (500mhz DDR) while PC3200 is rated at 200mhz (400mhz DDR). Hence, the limitations of overclocking are much higher.

    Make sense?

  8. So i could get pc4000 insted of pc3200. the only reson to do this those is to Over clock more effectivly? because the pc4000 is rated at a much higher speed. Is the pc4000 going to run at pc3200 if i dont over clock? Will it run more stable that pc3200 in a non OC system? and by system i mean ASUS sli prem.
  9. PC4000 will run fine at PC3200 if you're not OCing. More stable? Not noticeably. (i.e. a technologist will tell you that running something slower than spec is safer - but if something cheaper is stable enough get that.)

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