Uninstall windows 8 completely

Is it possible to uninstall completely Windows 8 and then install Unbuntu 12.04 LTS (or 12.10) on to the hard disk from a USB flash drive?
Windows 8 is, by far, the worst operating system I have ever come across.
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  1. don't see why not.
  2. I would make sure the BIOS/MB recognized your Unbuntu USB as a bootable drive first.

    Try going into your BIOS at start up with the USB drive connected and booting directly to it.

    If that works, it's just a matter of saving your files on an external drive, and installing Unbuntu fresh.

    -No need for an official uninstall of windows 8 unless you have a need to make all existing data unrecoverable. Then you would want to "wipe" the entire drive rather than just do an "uninstall" of the OS.
  3. Works all the time for me. Just chose the option to completely replace the existing operating system.
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