[b]Which CPU is better? Athlon64 3000+ vs 3200+ vs Opteron 1

Hi, im about upgrading my pc. Im gonna buy new CPU in couple of hours, please hurry up with your advice. Because of limited budget I would like to choose from these 3 CPUs: Athlon64 3200+, Athlon64 3000+ or Opteron 144. Computer will be used for gaming, some multimedia. All these CPUs are for almost the same price, but which one is better?

Could you help me line them up, depending on non-OC performance?
Also, which one has the best OC potential?

Motherboard will be ASUS A8N-E or MSI K8N NEO4 FI, graphic card will be MSI NX6600GT 128 MB.

Thanks for your quick advice. :wink:
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  1. with your limited budget get the 3000+, it can OC to a 3200 very easily and runs smoothly. Opterons are more for server than anything else. so the athlon 64 is more well round is what i'm saying

    hope im not too late

    OHHH, dude now is not a good time for cpu's, prices shot up very much, can you wait a little.

    3200+ was 152 w/ free shipping and now it is 168+2 bucks shipping on monarchcomputer. Well, 18 bucks is kinda lot
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