Intel Celeron D 340

hey, i noticed on TigerD that they we're selling off motherboards with Celeron 340 D processors. The page mentioned that they were running at about 2.93 GHz.

Anyway, what do you guys think about the celeron? I know it isn't like a big performace monster, but im running an AMD XP 2000+ and i figured that this would be faster than the AMD (not to mention that the price on the Celeron + motherboard was about $60 w/ rebate.)

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.
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  1. That doesn't sound like a bad price... But...

    While an XP2000+ is slower than the Celeron D 340 (which is roughly similar to an XP2800), you have a reasonably decent machine right now, depending on what you do with it. Is it slow for you on anything you do?

    If I can ask, what do you use it for primarily? Gaming, web browsing, video stuff (need details), std apps (word, Excel, etc.), programming, mp3s, other?

  2. No problem,

    I use it mainly for gaming and web design (which the web design part obviously doesn't take up much cpu power). I just want a faster CPU for right now, until i can convince my dad to look into a new AMD 64 cpu. The price seems right enough for this one, so ill be able to pay for it myself.

    My normal comp now is:

    2000+ AMD XP
    784 MB DDR (i have a 512 stick that should run in the Celeron)
    80 GIG HDD w/ WIN XP PRO
    128 MB DDR GeForce FX 5600 Video Suite (ASUS)
    On Board Sound

    Anyway, i was hoping that by upgrading to the celeron, it would be a high enough boost that i could run most of my games on a higher resolution and/or details. Also, i think the MB i have now for my AMD is only 4 x AGP, which the celeron would be 8x AGP.

    It would seem like all i would have to do is buy the MB + CPU because i have a gpu, HDD, and CDROM and other materials i could take out of my old comp.

    okay, that $60 mobo+cpu(just what i thought it was) is a MACHSPEED. It is a very bad board and used to sell for $50 two weeks ago w/ rebates, wonder why the price shot up....

    anyway, the point im making is DO NOT do any of tiger's rebates, lookie here for review by ResellerTim. They use the rebates, which is essentially a scam because they almost never pay up, AND THEY TAKE $1 OR MORE OUT OF THE REBATE FOR FEES!!!!

    The CPU is perfectly fine but the rebate is not

    so beware
  4. It'll be an improvement. A good improvement probably... That 5600 will probably become your bottleneck then.

    I would always recommend better, but that price can't be beat if better isn't in the budget - and double price is about where it's at.

    If it wasn't so cheap I'd suggest you hold off for the big upgrade and add that money to it so you can to get even better. But that is a great price after the mail in rebates.

  5. THanks guys for the suggestions.

    What do you guys think about the sempron boards?

    Maybe a 64 bit sempron would be nice? But then i would need a new GPU for PCI Express...
  6. $59 for that celery and mobo too is a good deal if your PC demands are not ultra high.
  7. a sempron is okay for you if you wanna pay a bit extra. however i would advise against it. because semprons come in SKT 745 so they can only use AGP cards, which has outrageously high inflation right now. Plus both skt 754 and AGP will be/has been discontinued in the future/right now. ya, so for cheap price get the celeron, just beware of TigerD Rebates, they are designed to screw you over. FYI, their "iron-clad" rebate guarantee is absolute ballony. You gotta pay for Certified Mail in order to qualify ($7 a piece, anyone?) then you have to meet their horrible CS to FORCE them to send you the $$$. In my book, it's not worth it. You might wanna consider the monstrous shipping price TigerD uses(cuz they skim a few bucks off of it).
  8. Buying from Tigerdirect is just plain stupid. They have terrible reviews! Find a decent deal elsewhere. Spend a few extra dollars and know you're at least spending your money wisely.
  9. I will advise against getting that setup.
    First off, your agp card will not benefit from the 8X slot, it doesn't even use all of the 4X slot. Check with the guys in the graphics forum, but I'm sure they will agree.
    I'm not going to get into wether you want to go via on an intel board, it's not that important. Neither will I comment on the quality of the board, other than to say it's not great.
    I will point out that it is not a dual channel board, so memory bandwidth will be low.
    Now, the celeronD's are an ok chip, and that model, on a dual channel mobo will be about equal to a sempron 2800. For gaming, that would be just below an xp2500. Unfortunately, dual channel yields about 10 to 15% on intel chips. That means that you would be spending your money on about an xp2400 equivalent. You just wont notice any difference.
  10. great point, endyen!
  11. theres pci express socket 754
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