*Click Here* for the greatest motherboard combination!!!

Alright Men (and women) listen up,
I know this is where the hardest of hardcore tech guru's come to play. I'm headhunting and challenging all you Veteran posters out there to help me out a second time. Only this time i'm doing an upgrade.

This all sounds to me like a dream, and it's up to you guys to help make this come true..Let's go you Veteran savages, give it to me, lay it on!!!

Here's what i need:
a) motherboard
b)Processor (amd)
c)Video card with a dual monitor setup
-currently have a Ati Radeon 9700 Pro AGP slot
d)Memory 2Gigs
e) 2 LCD monitors for a dual monitor setup

I'm willing to go up to $1,200 with all of this. You guru's build my ultimate machine over 2 years again, and now it's ready for an upgrade. You guys are awesome i love you guys. Now what do you got...

I currently have:
Lian Li-pc 60 case
iiyama vision master pro 22" CRT (however i'm buying 2 LCD monitors)
Sound Blaster Audigy sound card

2 LCD 17" monitors are to be expected to buy and i'm going to trash the iiyama. Remember i want to run a dual monitor setup!

What I need:
Amd Processor
Memory (2 gig)
2 LCD Monitors
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  1. A64 3200+ = $166
    Chaintech VNF4 Ultra = $68
    OCZ Value VX series 2x1GB = $207
    eVGA 7800GT $299
    Total = $740

    whatever monitors you can afford with the remaining money. If I couldn't get 2 good LCDs for $460, then I'd probably try to go with a good LCD and keep the CRT. Save until I could afford the second LCD.

    That's a tight budget for waht you want. Hope you have a good PSU, too...
  2. these posts are fun once n awhile. But jeeze man, Just send us the money so we can just build it and have it shipped to your doorstep, and then you can pay another person to hook it up .. plug it in and show you how to navigate it as well.

    there's So many of the same posts on here that you can just look and do alittle of your own work and know what to buy.
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