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Old NT4 Server died on reboot.. kmode_exception

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September 13, 2004 11:44:13 PM

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Hi there,,

1st time for me in here,,

Anyway,, one of our customers servers from another city
died on reboot the other night,, we got it at our office now
since they didnt have a working backup outside the server itself.

Problem is;
Starting the server,

stop; 0x0000001e
address; 801c7cbf base; 80100000

Server is NT4/server, Sp6a applied,
was running 2 x 4 GB for the system in a software mirror,
2 x 9 GB for data in a software mirror.

All data and disk's seems intact, no problems when checked with chkdsk

I've done a parallell install to a tempNT on the same drive,
this install works without issues.

Also,, from 2 different backuptapes, I've restored the original
c:\winnt and / sub's to it's location with overwrite on everything.
These backup's were done 1 and 2 day's ago. Problem is; the cause for
the BSOD is allready there also in the backuped up NT.

I've tried by chaning drivers for network card and for the SCSI board,
No help.

Did a boot from Winnt server CD, did a repair, didn't

Followed some tip's from regarding opening
the existing registry files "remote", this could prove if there was an
error with the "software" file. It didn't occur.. so,, issue does NOT
seem to be damaged registry files..

Even so,, it doesn't work. same error /blue screen on every boot from
the original c:\winnt. At the same time my "temp-nt" c:\zyx works
without errors.

Also tried by simply starting the system with NTFSPro and just copying
ALL .exe & .dll & .sys files from the WORKING c:\zyx to the same paths
in c:\winnt. No help,, same crash.

So,, it's NOT driver related, my only guess is that it IS something in
the registry,, though I can't get past it:

On the blue screen, loaded devices/drivers are;

Any way around this would be very helpful,
we only have the 2 latest backup tapes were obviously the fault is
allready present. Off course one way could be to simply do a repair
again and replace "system" and "software" registry info, but then we
loose ALL..


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September 13, 2004 11:44:14 PM

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FYI- a repair is supposed to be used only as a temporary
measure to retrieve data, the system will probably still
be unstable. What is on it that you are trying to
recover, since you have all the data?
September 14, 2004 12:26:48 AM

Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsnt.misc (More info?)

Thanks for replying,,

This setup/install isn't our's or done by us,
Though we have them as a client in the town were we work,
seem like they havent got any support from anyone for this install,
that's way it's in our lap right now..

So,, story is;
this is (was) their only NT server,
in other words,, no BDC, sure we've got the backup's,
but,, as stated,, the reason for the BSOD seems to have lived with the
server for a while,, so we have problems getting in back as it was.

If we did a complete reinstall, sure we do have the data,
but no users, no groups, no rights, no printers, no install SW, etc,
and we havent got a clue, and sorry to say,, they havent either, what
was on it...,,

But,, it does look as if this will be the only way, we've just copied
the complete "bookingsystem" which was on this server, which is their
most crucial piece of software.. ( it's a hotel..)...,,,

Im just very frustrated as to why there isn't anyway around this,
I mean,, one of those 2 regfiles are probably the issue,
the files seems OK and not broken,, so it's "something" in them
that's causing it....,,, what.. I dont know.....

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004 11:12:26 -0700, "dlw"
<> wrote:

>FYI- a repair is supposed to be used only as a temporary
>measure to retrieve data, the system will probably still
>be unstable. What is on it that you are trying to
>recover, since you have all the data?