:?: Question concerning drive recognition in Windows

MoBo: ASUS A8N-SLI Premium Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 SLI ATX AMD
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+
Master (primary) Hard Drive: WD740GD
Slave (secondary) Hard Drive: Wester Digital WD2500KS
Optical Drive: NEC Black IDE/ATAPI DVD Burner Model ND-3550A - OEM
OS: Windows XP Home
I am attempting to set up the WD740 as my primary drive and the WD2500 as my secondary drive. I have the WD740 connected to the SATA1 location on the MoBo and the WD2500 connected to the SATA2 location. I am using the standard SATA connectors and the Legacy power slots to provide power to both HDs. During boot-up and in the BIOS it recognizes both drives. After Windows starts I can go into system -> hardware -> device manager -> disc drives and I see both HDs. But when I go under "my computer" I only see the WD740 in the C: drive position and the optical drive in the D: drive position. I noticed on the top of both drives it states that there are no jumper settings necessary for the SATA drives.

Question: How do I get Windows to put the WD2500 in the "my computer" or how do I get Windows to recognize it in a way so I can use it/access it/store information on it?
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  1. Sounds like it hasn't been partitioned and formatted yet.

    Go into Control Panel - Computer management - Disk management and you should see it there. Select it, partiiton it and format it so it will have a drive letter and be in your my computer.

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