whats your opinion on these specs

im going to build one VERY soon and here is what i decided on
amd 64 4000
abit an8 sli
bfg geforce 7800 gtx oc 256
ultra 2x 1gb pc3200(it would be cheaper to do 4x512 should i do that instead?
maxter 200gb sata hdd
some cheap nec dvdrw 16x8x16x
some 500watt powersupply dosent matter to me
and some case also doesnt matter to me

so whats your opinons please
oh and its for gaming mostly
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  1. WOW i need to go to work....but i will be back
    you need to change just about everything but your GPU....lol

    i wish i had more time...lol

    someone will be round shortly to explain why
  2. hmmmmm, needs some change

    amd 64 4000-if you're not short on cash then stay with it, cuz the 1mb cache will be handy. the 4000+ is a FX-53 with locked multiplier. If $$ is a problem, downgrade to 3700+ and you don't lose much in performance

    sli mobo? i don see TWO gpu, you planning going sli later? if you don't get the an8 ultra from asus, or the epox ep-9na+ ultra to save a few buck.
    Do you OC?, if you do i suggest DFI Lanparty, not DFI infinity

    2gb of ram-hmm, you a hardcore gamer? It only gets slight performance increase in 3 games right now(BF2, and something else). the downgrading option is some value corsair or value ocz ram. Ultra ram are okay but no room for OC.

    hdd- change it to something with 16mb of cache. If $$ is tightr, size down capacity for cache. better yet, get two smaller sata drives and raid 0 them.

    PSU DOES MATTER, a bad one will fry your pricey rig very soon. Go for quality brand like FSP, Therlmaltake, Antec, and Enermax. Never use the one on the case unless it is good brand name.

    Case- it has moderate importance in your rig. the parts are power hungry so heat will build up. a good cheap case is Super-Flower SF-201T Also, get two 120mm fans for front and back. Again, if you OC then a case with good airflow matters much. BTW, do you wanna show off your rig? If yes, then get one with side panel window
  3. i dont over clock. so stick with one gb ram. 16mb cache. i think ill stick with ultra tho since i dont overclock. good psu got it good case got it. i could even go better with the cpu should i? it seemed it was the best for the money in all the bench marks and stuff.
  4. as for your cpu question, i don't think you need to go any higher than a 4000+. If you have to cash to burn, get a better ram (tighter timing dual channel ddr) along with the better cpu. upgrading from the 4000+ is costly, because you have to go X2(at least a 4200+) or FX 55, which is not necessay.
  5. POWER SUPPLY http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817104954

    If you want 2GB of ram i would say go with something else.....http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16820141235 would be nice because of tighter timings....and because i like the brand WAY WAY more then Ultra.

    If you want 1GB get http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16820148007 it is cheaper then 2Gb and had UBERtight timings.

    Stay with the 4000+, it will get you the most without spending $1000 on a cpu.
  6. Enermax EG565P - $80
    DVD Burner (BenQ, Lite-on, NEC)- $40
    250GB Western Digital Hard Drive - $100
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