ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe... what is your mobo TEMP?

Mine is around 53c idle and up to 62c at full load. I would really like to know what some other people's are running at to know if this is abnormal or not.
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  1. mine's at 50C right now.

  2. My mobo temp is at 32C right now at idle and it is at max 40C at full load.
    it depends on whether you have the original chipset fan or the new bigger one. what is the speed of your chipset fan?
  3. My chipset fan is around 6000rpm.
  4. The original hsf ais very bad and it creates problems with the mobo temp as the heatsink is very small and fan just cant send enough air to cool the chip so as I said go in for a new heatsink either from asus or thermaltake. Both are good.
  5. If you have the older style heatsink fan, and are experiencing high temps you COULD call up asus and [ehem] tell them that your chipset fan has failed.

    It is a well known problem with this board, and asus will immediately send you the replacement chipset fan/heatsink. But ONLY if yours has failed. Mine actually DID fail on me, and was immediately replaced with the newer, stronger type.

    You can tell if yours is the older type by the way it is mounted on the board. If it is mounted at right angles to the motherboard, you have the older type. The newer ones are mounted diagnally to the motherboard, so they are a diamond shape.

    Am I encouraging lies? Perhaps. Will I burn for it? Time will tell :wink:

    With my new chipset fan, my system temp is idle 35-40c 5000rpm.
  6. My hsf and fan died on me too that is why I gave you this suggestion. so go ahead and tell me that you have done the RMA and recieved the new fan and heatsink and are happy with it.
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