SilenX Fans and CPU Heatsink 120mm

SilenX SX-120C looks like excellent heatsink for Intel or AMD. $50 and includes 120mm 12dBa to 24dBa min/max

Also they have some of the quietest fans available, if you need to silence your rigs.
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  1. can we say zalman?
  2. only if you shout it, since this fan runs quieter, and moves more airflow.
    Also those SilentX case fans are impressive. 11dB and 14dB are virtually silent and I know of no other case fans that blow 58cfm of air at just 14dB.

    Anyway, those that care for quiet, this could be for you.
  3. Rich i hate to be the person to tell yuo this because you are obviously excited....but those fans are not 14Db at ANY SPEED let alone top speed pushing almost 60cfm.

    They probably measure the sound at 6m from the fan and things like that to make thier numbers look better. I have checked [H] and a couple other silent PC websites and they all hate those fans because they aren't quiet at all and they dont push 56cfm.

    They always reccomend other fans if somoene brings these up.
  4. I checked a third party review site, and it said they one series was 11dB at 46 CPF and 14dB at 58 CFM for the 120mm fan.
    They come with shock mounts and sticky pad to keep vibration down.

    Really dig around on the Silent LCD and reg case fans.
    They are really quiet and have a 100k mtbf.

    Google " SilenX SX-120C review " and see if I did make a mistake.
    Even SilentX site states this. OverClockers rated them as virtually silent with big air flow. Best they have ever seen in case fans.
  5. All the 3rd party sites i could find in 35min....none of them were silent review sites. They were all OCing sites....So any fan thats not 45Db is 'silent' to them.

    I checked out 3forums and read through the background, sometimes as much as a year, to look for referances to that fan.

    Eveyone says that its not 14Db, they are listed as louder then the quiestest fans but not bad fans. No forum ever reccomended them....they would reccomend another brand, for less money, queiter, and roughtly the same cfm.

    I'm sure if you got them you would think they were pretty quiet....but i just wouldn't go bananas over them, because if they were truelky 14Db at 1m and they could push 60cfm....everynoe in the silent PC world would have 4.
  6. No lol they are acctually that quiet i have an 80mm going in my case and my friggin quiet antec powersupply overdose it. maybe not 11db but it must be close.
  7. lol, if you can hear it, its DEFINITLY not 11dB
  8. i am not saying they arn;'t quiet....but for the price they aren't good.
    They arn't 11Db....i would have to see this in person.

    I would say they would be 20Db at full rpm....shich is hecka quiet, but not the same as 11Db. it may look like i am arguing over a couple Db's.....but when a fan is $25 and i know of fans hat are actually less hen 20DB for under 13 i think its a ripoff....granted a $13 one....but its my view.....

    buy whatever you want. if you like it good for you
  9. thats probably how they get people you have to buy it then see if its acctually 11 db lol. tricky bastereds
  10. Yeah but when they turn out not to be 11Db they will get flamed all over ther web....its better to list actual spec's and actually be quieter then listed.
  11. wow dont overdo yourself rich, save your energy for the gameing.
  12. Rich, read my Big Typhoon and Zalman cooler reviews. You'll find something interesting about how companies rate their noise levels!

    The Big Typhoon puts out "16db" and is louder than the Zalman graphics sink in "silent mode" at something like 21db. Oh yeh, someone's not measuring their SPL by standard conventions there...and it's probably the one with the more outragiously low numbers, Thermaltake.

    And this applies across the board, many companies publish numbers that look more like conservative estimates than reality once you hear the things. What's worse, review sites, lacking the proper testing equipment and sound chamber to get an accurate reading, simply publish the advertised numbers.

    Oh, BTW, I just give estimates. My estimates are based on comparison. And estimates based on comparison, as aweful as that sounds, are more accurate than published numbers based on non-standard conditions.
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