Trouble with Nvidia SATA RAID drivers

Has anybody else had trouble with these drivers for WinXP 64? I was putting together an Abit KN8 Ultra over the weekend and was having all kindsa trouble. I tried RAID 1 then 0, several reinstalls of WinXP 64, swapped RAM, PSU, everything you could imagine. Windows would install, then maybe boot once or twice afterward, then something would get corrupted (usually biosinfo.inf) and wouldn't boot. Loaded WinXP 32 and all was fine. I Googled and found a few other people have had problems with these drivers. Anyone else?
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  1. Sorry mate tried the drivers on ASUS A8N SLI DLX and didnt face any problem try to give more details for the prblem you are facing and also copy the file biosinfo or whatever you are having problems with and the when the error occurs boot by a live cd and replace the corrupted file with the orignal on and tell if it works or not.....

    just giving my thoughts....
  2. From a logical point of view, I don't think 32bit RAID drivers would work in a 64bit Windows environment. Almost everything has to have a 64bit driver for WinXP 64bit edition.

    Is there any particular reason you have to use WinXP 64bit edition? If not, I would use WinXP 32bit. It's still faster thank 64bit anyways. (not that 64bit is supposed to be faster, but you get my meaning)

    I could be wrong though...

  3. Downloading 64 bits chipset drivers from nvidia web site sure will work. because I did it. But went back to XP32 because lack of devices drivers.. Yes, I do need my printer from time to time..
  4. Weird. I couldn't get it to work without corruption. While searching around for an answer, I found several other people with the same problem. I found this link and this link. This this link, which provides the latest 64 bit drivers, states the following:

    The guys from K8WE found this set and state the following:

    AUDIO, chipset and lan whql.
    Only IDE in beta status but totally rewritten.
    With the new drivers and 100Q bios I'm able to install the official Win X64 on an Nvidia raid volume with more than 4 GB of memory installed (with the 6.39 drivers with 8 GB I got only BSOD and boot volume corruption.

    This driver set is to be considered beta software, you use it at your own risk of course.

    So I'm not alone. Perhaps a future version will help. In the meantime, the person I built the system for is perfectly happy with the 32 bit version of XP. At this time, there's no real reason to go with XP 64. I just got a copy so I asked if he wanted to try it.
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