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Ready to order asap, new build, advice please.

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December 5, 2005 3:10:16 PM

Here we go, I have read and posted and have taken advise and read some more. I do no gaming, maybe to show off video and the system may play around later. No overclocking at all. I mess with DVD's copying and pictures with some small graphics. Spreadsheets, word stuff, etc.

I am tired of the off the shelves Dell crap, that is dead in a year or so, so here it goes. I am ready to order asap and build.

Antec p-180 case

AMD 64-32-- venice retail with fan and heatsink

MB- Asus, AN85X or EPOX EP-9NPA, I have read the manuals and reviews and cant make up my mind.

Antec true powerII tpII-550

Need advise on video card, I was told a 6600, but 6600 what for searching on newegg, there is a shitload of 6600? Again DVD's, and a decent card, not crap but not gamers top line stuff. I will mess with a ddtv later when I get a good monitor. (down the road).

Need advise on 1-gig of memory, I read corsair, but what do you think and the buffered, non buffered type???

I have a sony burner and will use a jumpdrive instead of the floppy unless anyone thinks I need one, $10 or so.

I have priced all with newegg and will use them unless anyone reccomends different.

I would love any advise or suggestions and recommendations as I am rewady to go, I am using a dell 500 mgz now and am really over this thing.

Thanks for any input.

December 5, 2005 5:50:29 PM

Thanks Pickxxx,

I appreciate it, I read that I should get a good ps, so I thought with expansion later, I should go with a good rated ps. I also read dont skimp on the main part of the system so there are no problems later, also so it fits in the antec case (ps-180) that is why I was going to purchase that ps.

I guess you like the Epox, is it newbie friendly with setup as I never screwed with Bios settings at all? Also this is my first build and although I enjoy reading the site, I dont want to have to post with problems.

Also can you reccomend a good sat hardrive for me. Or ide. I guess the mb handles both so I figured I would use the newer techology.

Thanks for your help and advise, it is appreciated.

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December 5, 2005 7:14:26 PM

Although you could probably get by with that 350W I think that this Fortron 450W would be a better buy for the extra $20. It should be quieter/cooler - notice the design differences on the rear exhaust - the air will flow out much easier, therefore quieter.

I always like to have a 3.5" floddy - just seems eaiser to me when flashing BIOS. [/shrug] Not needed, but i like it. Agree with the Epox 9NPAJ for the mobo. A couple of other good options are the Abit AN8 and the Chaintech VNF4 Ultra. The VNF4 Ultra has a great price/perf - a real gem for the money.

Definitely recommend going with SATA on a new HDD - cable management is a lot easier. For $115 go with this WD Caviar WD2500KS. 250GB with a 16MB cache - better for working with large files. Along those lines - you might see a considerable performance boost from a WD 74GB Raptor. Keep the larger drive for file storage - Raptor gets OS/primary programs and is where you encode/decode.

All of the mobos that were listed should take very little to get setup properly. Parts put together properly should boot and operate well, but it's always good to work the BIOS for performance optimizations.
December 5, 2005 7:56:29 PM

Rugger Thanks alot, I am really fuc_ed up now, this Raptor would be for the os (xp pro and the wd would be for my files? So Slave the wd? And when saving data save to the wd? Am I right, sorry for the dumb questions but I am reading, I guess not the right stuff!

Also will the fortron fit in the p-180 and does it have the right 24 pin power line I need?

I dont want to skimpo on the mb, so tell me what you think I should get out of the 3 you suggested, I printed the asus a8n5x and another owners manual just to see how they were laid out with ease of use for the dum ass newbie and I kind of liked asus, but then again, I dont know, I am confused regrding what I should invest in, it seems to me that 30 or 40 bucks for a good mb is not an issue, Advice? I am really wanting a plug and play deal as I dont want to screw with, or have to post for Bios stuff.

Thanks again,

December 5, 2005 9:22:59 PM

Chaintech VNF4 is cheap and a quality board......the EpoX is a little more and quality, and the Abit is around the Epox in price.

Go for the chaintech VNF4Ultra....its cheaper and it will be simple to use. Its nt cheap because its crap.....

Pretty much all mobo's are plug and play....just stuff all the componants on them, update drivers in widows and yuo are good to go.
December 5, 2005 11:02:27 PM

Bro, I tried again to download the EPOX owners manual, and cant do it, it scares me that I cant even get a download from their site so if I need support I am screwed, I dead read reviews from newegg and some said good tech support, well not me. Do you have a log in where you can get me a manual for the ep-9npa+ultra so I can check it out. I was able to get the asus info on their site and the drivers look updated, Just trying to do the homework....Like the guru's including you told me.

Thanks for the advise and will do some purchasing this week.


December 6, 2005 6:11:00 AM

e-mail the tech support....pretned you have the board and ask for a PDF of their manual.

Say this "i have your board ______ and i lost my users manual and i need to use it. I can't DL it from your site could you please e-mail it to me?" they should e-mail it to you.....

Doing Homework is a good idea....your board will come with the users manual as well....
December 6, 2005 1:24:03 PM

There would be no master/slave - that is a feature of PATA. SATA is single drive per cable. I'd load the OS and programs on the Raptor and have any files that I was currently working on the Raptor. Use the extra drive to store any videos that you have completed and want to keep on a HDD.

Yes to both questions on the FSP PSU.

Pick hit it on the MBs - any of the ones I listed should be good to go out of the box. I would lean towards the Chaintech, but the Abit and Epox are easier OCers - especially the Abit with UGuru. If OCing is not a factor to you, then go with the Chaintech VNF4 Ultra. I should have been clearer on BIOS...When I mentioned BIOS adjustments I did not mean that you had to make adjustments for the board to work. There are minor adjustments/tweaks that you can make to optimize performance (eg. turn off any unused features of the board like RAID)
December 6, 2005 2:18:11 PM

Ruger and Pickxx, thanks I do appreciate it, I just made my order all at newegg, hopefully shipping today, I am ready.

Thanks for all the help and advice,

December 6, 2005 6:21:44 PM

No prob. Do yourself a favor and read the manuals before the build and the FAQs from the mobo, CPU, PSU and RAM forums.
December 7, 2005 3:18:35 PM

Yup, I am reading alot, printed and read new computer build how to's. I do have a question as the bios has me a little intimidated.

Connections for the hardrive is basic, the floppy and I believe the dvd burner is no settings just plug into board.

My sytem will be, the epox e9-9npa=ultra, with amd 3200.
HD seagate sata 250, 7k
standard floppy
also a sony dvd burner, I believe it is ide kind not sata.

I am concerned with 2 things, my initial bios setup and the epox mb owners manual gives me lots of otions for changing settings, but not alot of defaults or recommendations.

I am also concerned with updating the bios, before or after, Widows update, dos, etc. Not to worry, just update after operating system, xp pro is in?

Advise and suggestions would be much appreciated,

December 7, 2005 4:56:27 PM

The system will boot with default settings that will allow the system to operate. For the build itself - don't worry too much about BIOS settings. The only item I would confirm is that the default RAM voltage, Vdimm, is set to the RAM mfrs required voltage. Check the RAM mfrs website or the website you bought it from for that voltage setting. If the mobo default is the same as the mfr requirement, then don't worry about it.

Your first priority is getting the system
1. Assembled properly
2. Booted
3. OS installed
4. Drivers updated
5. BIOS flashed - as needed.
You don't NEED to flash the BIOS if everything is running well in the rig. There may or may not be any major updates to the BIOS - just check your version vs the most current on the website. The mfr will post what each revision accomplished - if it made changes that are not relevant to you, then don't even worry about updating....
December 7, 2005 6:05:37 PM

I'd just like to add that if you're ordering from Newegg then you're probably in North America, which means you're in dry dry winter. That means lots of static electricity. So if ever there was a time to use a grounding device such as a wrist strap, now is it. If you don't want to get one, at least ground yourself by touching the case a lot before you touch components. Zapping your new components isn't fun. Be safe. :D 
December 7, 2005 11:31:43 PM

What is up with you and static wrist wrap?

Personally i work on my computer barefoot with the machine on a insulated the charge will want to go through my toes and not my fingers into my case.

A wrist wrap is alright but common sense is free......

but i guess if you dont know about static discharge it wouldn't be a bad idea.