ASUS NF4 4DDR Aud+GbE+1394a 2PCI-Ex16+2PCI-Ex1+3PCI ATX

OCZ DDR Platium 2GB (2x1G) PC3200 400Mhz 2-3-2-5
Dual Channel (OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K)

now here is where the problem starts:
should I get a 4000+ or a 3200+
if i get 3200+ i can get 7800 GTX gpu
if i go with the 3200+ i can only get 6600GT

what should i go for?
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  1. For gaming?

    Drop the SLI and get non-SLI. Drop the 2GB and get 1gig. That should give you enough extra cash to get a 3500+ and a 7800GTX.

    If you're overclocking, look at Epox (9NPA series) and DFI for the best OC'ing on a budget. If budget still tight, look at the CHaintech VNF4. Still OCs quite well.

    At that point (once you have 3500+ and 7800GTX), upgrading to 2GB is worthwhile, but you'll get more performance out of 1GB and a faster CPU & GPU than you will out of 2GB and the slower CPU/GPU.

  2. I take it you want to game?

    Get the EPoX EP-9NPA+Ultra, that will save you enough money to buy the 3500+ AND the 7800GTX.....but personally i would get a BFG 7800GT. Great brand and i dont think $100 is worth it freom the 7800GT to the GTX....but thats your call. The GTX is a great card....

    That way you can have 3500+, 7800GTX, 2GB ram....and thats about as good as it gets.

    the first thing to downgrade is the RAM to 1GB....2GB wil give you a small boost but only in certain games and not much of a boost. Your money is better spent getting the GTX and a fast cpu....maybe the 3700+ San Deigo then havign 2GB of ram.
  3. if were to get OCZ ram, wht kind would be the best bang for the buck? would the pc 4200 make a huge difference? (this is taking into account that i am OC-ing it)
  4. If you are going to ge the DFI board get a 1GB kit of VX ram.

    if you arn't going to get the DFI board....get the OCZ platinum Rev 2....just as cheap as a lo of other kits, but OC's like a beast.
  5. would the dfi ultra-d nf4 be able to handle pc 4200 when oc'ed?
  6. The DFI board can go beyond PC4200 (DDR533) when OC'd with the right

    The Platinum can get to 300FSB which is DDR600......not always but if you dont mind tinkering you can get 280fsb pretty easily.
  7. so here is my new setup

    DFI ULTRA-D Athlon64 FSB2000 SOCKET939 4DDR400 ATX

    BFG GeForce7800GT OC 256MB

    AMD Athlon 64 3500+ / 2.2 GHz -L2 512 KB - Box

    and these are my choices for ram, which is the best?

    OCZ DDR Platinum Rev2 1GB(2x512M) PC3200 400MHZ 2-2-2-5

    OCZ DDR Platium 1GB (2x512M) PC 4200 533Mhz 2.5-3-3-8 Dual Channel

    OCZ DDR Platium 1Gb (2x512M) PC 4800 600Mhz 2.5-4-4-10 Dual Channel
  8. They are actually way good.....the bottom set rated for the highest speeds, but would be the most exspensive. The top, rev 2's, are going to be the best buy. They will be the cheapest and should OC like a around 320fsb i have seen before.
  9. surprisingly the bottom ones ar onlee bout 30 bucks difference from the top, and i am talking in CANADIAN dollars, so good thanks for all your help.
  10. You have some crazy Canadian prices....because there is a huge price gasp beween those two here in civilization.
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