Multiple computer issues

I have windows 7 64bit premium edition installed. There's been no problem with it until recently.
The problems are:
- Errors coming up when I have installed a program - Error CLR 80004005. The programs are compatible and they always install correctly.
- Various administrator problems. I'm the administrator and yet several programs, such as spyware terminator, will not recognise me as such and disallows me from performing things saying that I need to be an administrator to make the changes or to delete the virus.
- It uses FAR too much ram. It will often stay at 37% and will go up to 50 and even 80% capacity.
- Mozilla often lags, crashes or freezes.
- Often programs will crash, saying it's a "immdevice crash/appcrash"

I'd really love some suggestions about this as my computer is quite powerful and is less than a year old. :)

Many thanks - Miss Woofy
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  1. safe mode virus scan and spyware remover first
  2. Just dump problem programs and re-install them.
    Never heard of Spyware Terminator and i've been around pc's for a while.
    The first error you listed is Net.Framework related.Make sure you have the latest version which is 4.
    Most of the things you mention lead me to believe Win7 was added to a system with a prior o/s like XP or Vista.
    Win7 will perform much better on a clean install removing all traces of previous O/S.
  3. Davcon -

    Thanks for that advice - I've downloaded the Net.Framework and installed it fine. However, it didn't solve my problem in applications crashing....
    As for previous operation systems prior to the one I have, it's was installed on a clean slate...
    Thanks for the advice though - do you have any other??!! ;)
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