Help me make a DVD Burner selection!

These are the burners I'm considering:

65 AUD = 49 USD BenQ DW1640 with Nero 6
95 AUD = 71 USD Sony DRU800A with Nero 6.6
69 AUD = 52 USD LG GSA-4167BBK with no software
95 AUD = 71 USD Pioneer DVR-110 with no software
69 AUD = 52 USD Pioneer DVR-110D with no software

I want a burner which is fast, steady, cheap and compatible with most DVD/CD formats. Which one should I get?
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  1. I have the DW1640. It got great reviews. I have a batch of crappy DVD-R's I'm still trying to get through so I can't give much of a review myself.
  2. I would recommend LG. Lite-On is another good one.

    Don't be fooled by all these fancy name brand DVD burners. They suck. I know from experience. I bought a Pioneer DVD burner and eventually got rid of it... traded it in for a Lite-On. The Pioneer was so damn picky about media.

    Recently I bought an NEC 16X DVD DL burner... I got rid of that one because the damned thing wouldn't read burned CD's from other manufacturers. Bought a Lite-On (same speeds and all) and it read/writes to everything.

    It seems that the cheapest DVD/CD burners are the best. They may not last long, but they'll read/write to anything. And when burners cost $50, who the hell cares if it doesn't last 3 years. In 3 years we'll all be using HD-DVD or Bluray burners anyways.

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