Upgrading the computer/where to start

So, I'm deciding I want to upgrade the comp but don't know where to start.
Here's my current list of components :
- MSI KT3 Ultra2 Motherboard
- AMD XP 1800+ CPU
- 350W PSU
- Realtek ALC650 soundcard (onboard)
- 256MB RAM
- 60GB Hard Drive
- Windows XP Home SP2
- GeForce2 MX400 Video Card
- PCI card(Firewire ports) for recording
- crappy ATX mid-tower case

A.] Now, i don't have a clue where to start, here's my list of mods:
-eVGA 133-K8-NF41-AX motherboard
-AMD X2 4400+ CPU
- same/ if not better PSU (which?)
-Creative-X-Fi Platinum soundcard(?)
-OCZ Platinum Rev. 2 PC-3200 512MB (2x256) RAM
-Western Digital Raptor 74GB 10,000 RPM Hard Drive
-60GB Hard Drive (for all music files)
-GeForce 7800GTX Video card
- Lian-Li PC-V880A ATX case [small, light, good features,cool looks]

B.]With these mods comes quite a pricetag... over $1000 for it all. Now, what:
1.) Do you recommend upgrading first
2.) Any changes for mods/recommendations?
a.) if the case is not effective, is there a case that has the look of an Apple g5/Lian-Li PC-V1000 case but not so big. Or if theres a smaller case like an SFF?

C.] My usage for the computer:
-Web Design/ some gaming [but high-end=FarCry,BF2]/Recording,editing,listening to music/ research for school,multitasking would be nice/ photo editing/DVD

D.] I want to be able to:
- Load computer up fast
- Have music (mp3's) on 60GB HD, and set 74GB as primary HD with all my games,files,etc.
- play some high-end games
- have true surround sound (i have Logitech X-530, just can't control rear speakers, or have great sound for music/games)
- still be able to use the PCI card [firewire], and 60GB HD
- have an easily portable, reliable, good cooling, good airflow, great features [mobo tray?], silver or black Apple/LL PC-V1000 case
- have future-oriented components

E.] I don't intend on:
- Overclocking
- Spending a lot of $ all at once

((((E+.] Any suggestions on installation?
- Use BestBuy GeekSquad/ other builders (which)?
- Or is it easy to build/setup yourself?))))

Sorry for the long story, hope somebody can help me get started... -Peace
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  1. A.] Here is what you have listed that you should change

    Mobo...HELL NO! get http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16813152049

    CPU....I would say get the 4200+, save quite a bit of money for very little peperformance loss.

    PSU....NO! you need a http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817104954

    Sound card...thats HELLA exspensive for what you want. Onboard sound for chaintech supports 5.1 you dont need to spend 250 on a SC unless you are super picky about music....but if you were 530's are that great...lol, use onboard sound.

    RAM....Close....get OCZ Plat Rev 2 1Gb (512x2)

    HDD...raptor....its fast but not economical. I would say if you are determined to get a Raptor, get a Seagate 250GB SATA drive for $99 for backup. they are HELLA good.

    Gpu.....This card will shite all over any game you play. Its VERY VERY VERY good. (btw you picked the bes brand....good job.)

    B.] I lowered about $250-$400 for your orignial price tag by lowering your cpu to a 4200+, chaintech board, you could get a 7800G and save ~$150 more. if you are wqorried about price dont get the raptor.

    1.) get it all at once....there is almost nothing you can reuse from your old computer.
    2.)I changed everything already
    3.)That case is VERY expsensive....i would just use a $40 Antec Solution series one. Cheap, not goofy with all kinds of Bling on it....its not aluminum but its not too heavy.

    C.]Web design will be fast, games will be AMAZING, recording will be good (is the sound card for this? if so you will need it.....my bad i missed this the first time.) Editing will be UBER fast, internet will be normal speed, photoshop will be hella quick.

    D.] You are set on everything....maybe picking up a couple quieter 120mm fans for your case. and thats about it. You have a very upgradable computer setup. As much as can be....

    -Not OC'ing? Alright cool...
    -You kind of have to....i knwo you dont want to but the mobo, cpu, gpu wont work without eachother. none will go into your odl computer as you grow. the RAM will though....save up and buy all together. I know you dont want to but you might have to.

    You live in Seattle? aka "Rain City" Where? Medina? that would be sweet if you lived in Medina.....I live in Kent.

    I work at BestBuy, I dont think the geeksquad will put together a computer like that for you. they might...i can ask but its SUPER SUPER SUPER easy to do yourself. Its literally like tha toy when you were a kid....triangle in the triangle hole. If you can read, and follow instructions....you can put this together. Just be patient and dont force any part.

    My first one i was suprised how easy it was....its laughably easy.

    Btw, your formatting was nice....lol, but semi redundant at times....but hats cool.
  2. hey, that's awesome man, i appreciate the help.

    Quick questions regarding your suggestions:
    1.) Chaintech, why do you recommend that board? Is it good in performance, have good support (if need be), reliable? [curious because of low-price]
    2.) Fortron PSU had some reviews complaining about low voltage, does this fits the needs of nF4-ultra/hardware?good support?reliable? [also curious because of low-price]
    3.) I'll have to look at Antec Solution in person, so far don't like look from online. BTW, you never mentioned if the Lian-Li was supportive/efficient enough for my system, do you think its cooling/ventilation/space is adequate for what i want? I was also curious because i heard that case already supposidedly has good fans/quiet, so i wouldn't need to spend more $ on the quiet 120mm fans...

    With upgrading I'm skeptical about doing it on my own because:
    1.) Heard HD's are hard to setup [heard to setup RAID for great performance, i just have no idea what it is, how-to,etc.] Also, i don't know how to set the 60GB for music, and the 250GB for primary and somehow transfer all the files i got now to the 250GB.
    2.) Dunno if the mobo Manual will have all the steps to building/putting everythin together.

    In regards to location, I'm in the Des Moines area, close to Burien. Got a cousin and some buddies down in Kent, tho. Thanks again for all the help, get back to me whenver you have the free time. Take care. -peace
  3. Quick answers

    1) chaintech is a good board, its cheap because it doesn't support SLI which you dont want anyway....and honestly because most boards are overpriced. Look in my Sig, i have a chaintech board....Chek reviews of the board, it ALWAYS gets good reviews....especially for the price.

    2)FSP.....they are really good PSU's, the one i linked you to should have MORE then enuogh for you. I read that top review and maybe he is confused or just picky. It has 36A total on the dual 12V lines. Thats VERY VERY good....and FSP doesn't BS about the #'s. I would be truly shocked to see that PSU come up short for you. Out of 16 reviews it has a 5 star average....meaning that everyone else gave it 5's....

    If one review scared you i can find a PSU that costs twice as much thats just as good....but i figured i would save you some money without losing quality.

    3)The lian Li cases are super good but also very exspensive. They will come with good/quiet cooling.....a quick search shows they are $130. For hat price you could buy a normal case, plus install 2 of the best fans made, plus have about $50 left over. but its your money.

    HDD's are SUPER EASY to setup. Raid is a little trickier, but nothing thats hard. just more steps. And i can break down what you would do to save your music super easy....

    just plug your 250GB drive into your old computer....swap everything you want to keep to it. Then put that same drive into your new computer as a non-boot drive and you have just backed up all your music. UBER-simple.

    I thuoght you wanted to get a raptor for your boot drive?

    Give me the reason you want RAID-0 r a Raptor and i will let you know if its something you would benifit from, or if its just a waste of time.

    The mobo manual, along with the Case manual, along with the cpu manual, will let you know how to setup all your wires, what pieces go where....and all that. Its step by step....and super simple. almost everything has only one way everything fits.

    I used to live in Des Moines for like 8yrs. I went to Pacific and would have gone to Mt Rainer if i hadn't moved before highschool.
  4. If you're looking for a more thorough, step by step instruction manual, there are a few magazines floating around that explain the process. Heck, even PC Gamer put out a 'build your own PC' issue a few months back. It might be worth tracking down a back issue, if you can't find a good guide online.

    Seriously? how can't you figure this out? Are you high? Stupid? or you just can't read? Sometimes i tag threads so i dont forget about them and when you reply to me it makes it look like I have a reply....


    This is your one warning....next time its a plastic spoon to your face.
  6. Look, you socially retarded little pissant, if you have a suggestion, fine, but please don't couch it in terms of a lecture. The moment you take over the management of THG you can upbraid me; otherwise make an effort to be civil. I'm sure the 30 seconds you spent reading my post were absolutely essential; my bad.
  7. awesome, thanks again.

    1.) RAPTOR= my bad, i thought u meant getting the 250GB for primary, and use 60GB for music, but, got mixed up (u were sayin to replace 60GB w/250 and still get the raptor....lol)

    2.) Just looked into RAID. RAID 1 is for backing up your drives and RAID 0 would need 2 identical HD's and sets them as equal...(found out its no better in games, but in between is faster http://www.overclockercafe.com/Articles/RAID/index.htmNow i don't think i'll need it...(i think?)

    3.) with cases, i'm trying to find the look of G5 if its a mid-tower case (or pretty close to it). But, I'm kinda wanting to go with something smaller (HTPC style or SFF) so i can maneuver it easy and take it places, but just worried about cooling/ventilation/space/effective. I kinda want something different. Has the look of the G5. Lian-Li is silver, and only 2 rom drives, rather than a fricking buttload like 5 or 6 drive bays (i don't need any drive slots, i have an external Plextor PX-716UF burner/cd/dvd rom drive) and is quite decent in size.
    -i'm willing to spend more $ on a case that has excellent cooling,enough room/space for upgrades,features [Lian-Li]
    -i want to spend my money on something i like so little more $ is not an issue. i kinda don't want mid-towers:
    --No use for all the drive bays [have an external cd/dvd]
    --most are too big [lian-li pc-v1000 is sick, but too damn big]
    --the g5 only has 1 drive bay, and has a cool exterior to it, thats why i love it and its not that big (if i remember correctly)

    THANKS again buddy... take care. -peace

    haha, pacific and mrhs, mrhs=where i went...What year did you graduate HS?
  8. Quote:
    Look, you socially retarded little pissant, if you have a suggestion, fine, but please don't couch it in terms of a lecture. The moment you take over the management of THG you can upbraid me; otherwise make an effort to be civil. I'm sure the 30 seconds you spent reading my post were absolutely essential; my bad.

    They were, i was on the verge of curing AIDS and because of your post millions of babies are going to die!!

    btw....way to go, you replyed to the right person. You learned.
  9. 1) good to know you're on board now...lol

    2) You dont need RAID. very few people do....

    3) lol, you got jokes.....G5's are actually quite big. a G5 is bigger then my case....ANYWAY.....you can always mod your case if you are handy with tools....a couple smiple mod's can make your machine look AMAINGLY different. But if you want something super portable you want a SFF. I dont know of any micrATX boards so you would have to repost a question for that.

    nope, i would have graduated in 2001 from MRHS
  10. i appreciate it:

    If i was to get a new case that would need more fans:
    1.) Which type? How many [i know the more the fans=the louder, but how many you receommend? (ie. 2x 80mm ball bearing and 1x120mm fan)
    2.) Which are quiet/effective? (brand,price,etc.)

    Oh, on another note,
    a.) does the CPU already have the fan or heatsink thing on it (i think all CPU's have stock heatsink fan)?
    b.) is the procedure for "flashing" BIOS (updating?) for X2 support easy?

    Thanks again! feel like a fuc*ing jack@ss asking all these questions, i admire your patience and support. -peace
  11. Well the type of fans 80mm or 120mm has to do with wha case you buy. cases only support certain size fans.

    120mm fans will move the most air with the least noise. but 8mm arn't terrible.

    I would say 1 front, 1back for a non-OC'd rig with nothing that hot should be fine.

    If you want good airflow with basically NO noise get 2 of these http://www.jab-tech.com/product.php?productid=2856 They are kind of expensive but everyone loves them.

    if you want something a little cheaper....they will be a little louder. but you shouldn't need more then 2 120mm fans.

    Flashing the BIOS for X2 support should be pretty easy, the way to do it is fairly consistant across all board, but your mobo mnfr will let you know how o do it.

    dont worry...better to aks now with something i know then to come back and say you blew something up.
  12. What do you think about these cases [price/performance ratio,etc]? Trying to find a black/and or silver toned case http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=911591#911591

    1.) Antec P150
    2.) Lian-Li PC-V880A [ never got ur input on it]
    3.) Lian-Li PC60 Plus

    Dude, the case seems like the hardest part so far...haha, this sucks.
  13. I dont like that HTPC case....i dont like the flat ons....a SFF one thas cubish is alright. personally i would chose the Lian Li V1000 but its exspensive and you dont like it.

    I dont know...they will all be good.....almost all cases are good for cooling and holding stuff. Go with the V1000 or the PC60plus.

    Thats my vote
  14. ok, so now i realize that i may get a new (pre-built) computer for xmas.
    Now i'm able to get a new PC from someone as a gift as long as its under $1,000.
    1.) Is there any pre-built PC that matches (or close to) what i want?:
    -WD Raptor 74GB 10,000RPM
    -60GB Hard Drive
    -GeForce 7800GTX
    -AMD X2 4200+ Manchester
    -OCZ PC3200 EL Platinum Rev. 2 1GB (2x512MB)
    -FSP Group AX450-PN ATX12V

    2.) Can I upgrade a pre-built PC (put in my 60GB HD,maybe another HD, 2x120mm fans, new video card, new PSU,new mobo,etc?)?
    3.) Only able to get PC from CompUSA, BestBuy, Dell, or QVC
    3.a) Which brands/comp/specs do you recommend? (Can i upgrade it?)

    Some i've found:
    I.) Compaq Presario sr1650nx Minitower=$679.99
    II.) HP Pavilion a1230n Minitower=$719.99
    III.) HP Pavilion a1250n Minitower=$899.99*

    4.) What do you think of the one's i've found? Good service/support (if i need it?) Are they ugradable?

    Hope someone out there can help. Remember, under $1,000. Just want something close to what the performance i want and a PC that i can upgrade...
    So, let me know what you all think. thanks in advance. -peace
  15. FYI: there are some real nice cases here some of which may be what your looking for (HTPC smaller designs, etc).

    Also, i know some of these guys have been a great help to me already, but the more i find out about the Chaintech, the less im diggin it (ive read some really bad cust complaints about them, and when i emailed Chtech with some ?s they took forever to reply with almost no info & rudely-not impressed at all) Im building 3 systems and it looks like im gonna go with one of these two Biostar mobos. Ive read nothing but good things, and they have firewire on board prices similar to Chtech ( +$4 & +$23) Email from Biostar on exactly what diff is between the 2 boards their words"Our Tseries is just the same as our standard, but main difference is overclocking and packaging. The Tforce series is a much better value because of the packaging and the hardware support. There are some better components to support overclocking, some of the I/O is UV sensitive, so it glows if UV lighting is projected onto it"

    Hope this helps. If you want read my question/thread Build my own VS Dell-i got a ton of really helpfull replies.
  16. hey, thanks for the suggestion on the Biostar board, it does look pretty neat with a lot of features. I appreciate it, and i will take the board into consideration.
    http://www.biostar-usa.com/mbdownloads.asp?model=nf4ul-a9=prob gonna need BIOS update for X2 support

    Any other suggestions? So far its:
    -Chaintech VFNF4
    -BIOSTAR TForce4U
    -EPoX EP-9NPA+Ultra
    Which is best? Another anyone recommends?
    Also, can anyone tell me if the HP Pavilion a1250n desktop PC be upgraded if i need to in the near future?
    it's size is 7.17" W x 17.0" D x 15.0" H
    a.) memory [1GB '512MBx2' OCZ Plat.Rev.2], new mobo, 2x120mm fans[front &rear], 60gb HD, 74Gb 10000RPM raptor HD, new video card [7800GTX], maybe new PSU [fortron 450W]?
    b.) is there another comp that may be better/more upgradable? (under $1,000; only be from BestBuy,CompUSA,Fry's,or QVC)
  17. Quote:
    I would say 1 front, 1back for a non-OC'd rig with nothing that hot should be fine.

    If you want good airflow with basically NO noise get 2 of these http://www.jab-tech.com/product.php?productid=2856

    OK. so if i kept the case i got and upgraded, how/where would i install 2x120mm fans in front and back? Any drilling/customization,etc?...

    1st pic=back

    2nd pic=inside

    3rd=cd/dvd HD drives,front inside

    4th=rear slots,PSU,back inside

  18. Upgraded:
    -FSP 450W Power Supply=$49.99
    -AMD X2 4200+ Manchester= $400.00
    -EPoX EP-9NPA+Ultra=$105
    -OCZ EL Platinum Revision 2 1GB=$163.99
    + Shipping ($13.42)
    TOTAL: $732.40
    not including LCD, Video Card, or new HD


    Or, should i get:

    HP Pavilion a1250n Minitower
  19. Quote:
    Look, you socially retarded little pissant, if you have a suggestion, fine, but please don't couch it in terms of a lecture. The moment you take over the management of THG you can upbraid me; otherwise make an effort to be civil. I'm sure the 30 seconds you spent reading my post were absolutely essential; my bad.

    Lol anything you say is like a whisper in a strom to me, you got nothing to say with your 20 posts here. being rude urself doesnt help either...
  20. Ok, the list has changed:
    1.) Epox EP-9NPA+Ultra
    2.) AMD X2 4200+
    3.) OCZ EL Plat. Rev. 2 1GB (2x512MB)
    4.) Antec Sonata II (+450W PSU)
    5.) 2x120mm Nexus real silent fans

    Now, i'm debating on when/what to get in terms of Video Cards. Ive contemplated over the 7800GTX, but its just too damn expensive, im spending a sh*tload of money on the CPU already, what would you experts recommend?

    A.] 7800 GTX:
    1.) ASUS EN7800GTX/2DHTV/256=$479.00

    2.) eVGA 256-P2-N525-AX=$459.00

    3.) eVGA 256-P2-N527-AX=$459.00

    B.] 7800 GT:

    1.) XFX PVT70GUDE7=$309.00

    2.) eVGA 256-P2-N517=$319.00

    3.) eVGA 256-P2-N515=$304.00

    C.] 6800 GS
    1.) eVGA 256-P2-N386=$195.00

    D.] another brand/model of the ones mentioned
    E.] entirely different videocard (which brand/model/etc?)

    I've got the money, i just gotta determine when i want to get all this. Maybe late January early February, just to let prices drop some (hopefully they will).

    My computer usage will mainly be:
    -some gaming (but demanding games=FarCry, BF2,HL2,whatever future may bring)
    -photo editing/video possibly
    -recording/editing/listening to music
    -web design
    -online research

    lemme know what you guys/gals think, thanks in advance -peace
  21. Well "some gaming" honestly dont need such steep and expensive stuff. Video editing some too, need be more specific. I require future large video editing and want hq gaming. 7800GTX is overkill with 4200 dual core, if dont do much gaming or vid editing. Even then, graphics card is most important (for gaming) Processor will def. help with video editing.

    Graphics and Processor: I reccomend 7800GT eVGA. XFX is OC out of box, but eh debatable which, if you dont want to OC XFX may be best for you. Or 6800GS will suffice too honestly. Not sure what games want play or how badly you want highest res or anything. So just assuming wont be doing 300gb worth vid editing or wanting to play BF2 or F.E.A.R on higest max res and setting imaginable. If not, save self some money. Even if wanted to, 7800GT is great and good enough right now, games right now have issues with dual core processors, BF2 cant even play with both, thats still a year or more away from game land, personally id wait till prices drop and everything else catches up. I can survive vid editing on a 3700 AMD athlon.

    1.) The Mobo is good, from reviews and what ive heard around forums, dont know personally.
    2.) Read above
    3. OCZ great RAM, but Corsair is just as good imo XMS been friend to me, if run multiple apps higher end RAM does make a difference. Imo anyways...
    4.) I reccomend FSP really, first person who responded wasnt lieing its underated supply and very very quality PSP is something dont want to half ass. (Antec truepower II is pretty good too, you want 500w if run dual core processor and 7800GT)
    5.) Cases may come with fans, Atec p160 does. 2 (only comes with one) 120mm fans. Havent checked nexus, 2 should suffice im sure. Zalmans has prob best for 63$.
  22. Ok, thanks for reply, i appreciate your suggestions/input.

    1.) So, near-future purchase recommendations:
    A.} CPU?
    a.] AMD Athlon 64 4000+ San Diego
    b.] AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego
    c.] Another AMD
    d.] Intel

    B} Videocard?
    a.] eVGA 256-P2-N517
    b.] eVGA 256-P2-N515

    2.) OR If i should wait, how long would you "guesstimate" i wait for?
    What setup should i get? (cost/brands/links/etc)

    3.) All i want my computer to do is:
    - Be able to play high-end games (BF2/HL2/FarCry/AOEIII or similar) at high settings (1024x768 +)
    - Multi-task [virusscan/game or research/music/download/anti-virus]
    - Record/listen to music/ burn cd's/download music, etc
    - Web Design/ Photo creation/ Video
    - DVD watching at high quality
    - be comfortable with putting out more than $800 for a fast/ high-end system that's future-oriented

    Lemme know ASAP, thanks again! Hope to hear from you or someone soon! take care -peace 8)

    P.S. current cost:
    - Antec Sonata II
    - AMD 3700+
    - OCZ EL Plat. Rev. 2 1GB (2x512MB)
    - eVGA 256-P2-N515-AX 7800GT
    - EPoX EP-9NPA+ Ultra
    = $914.78 [includes tax/ship/handl] (as of Dec 27th, 2005: 7:00PM Pac.)
  23. Dont get the X2 or single core, if your into editing get the dual core Opteron socket 939 (165, 170, etc). The 165 is 1.8ghz 1MB L2 x 2 and goes up 200mhz per step. They all OC to about 2.6-2.8ghz so think of it as a dual ahtlon FX 57 for $350ish... That'll save ya some cash over the 4400 and about the same, well less than a 4200, somewhere between the 3800 and 4200 actually. If you decide on single core to save cash now (not a bad idea, if your budget needs help) then the single core opteron 939 is good. The 146 is 1.8 1MB x 1 and mid to upper 150 to 190s, depending on retail or OEM. OCs about 200mhz higher than its dual core'd bretheren. YOu'll get insane speeds with these things...

  24. pickxx, that eVGA board is actually a good unit. It's the famous 3-slot Jetway board the got all those rave reviews. And on top of that, he might be able to get it FREE!
  25. Hold it, back it up! The 133-K8-NF41 was available FREE from EVGA with the purchase of a 7800GTX. If you can still get that deal, go for it. It's a fine board. Really. I have the NF43 version here and modified it to get NF41 features.
  26. Buy cheaper RAM. Corsair Value select or something. More expensive RAM is not worth it.
  27. 1.) Why Opteron? Differences between that and 3700+ or 4000+ and other great CPU's? eVGA 133- board support it?

    2.) I don't plan on OC'in

    3.) Need something like the Apple G5 (heard its excellent for music recording and editing, gaming, and fast in general)

    4.) RAM/GPU you recommend?

    5.) My usage:
    - some gaming (high-end/high quality)
    - music recording,editing,listening
    - DVD viewin (high-quality)
    - downloading/spyware/adware/ (multitask)
    - general usage (internet/homework/research)

    6.) $1050 tops...

    7.) i want the high-end graphics, but also fast processor [Opteron's like 1.8-2.0GHz, some games and software require 2.0 GHz at least {{{remember, i dont OC}}]

    Well, basically i just need to know little more info bout the Opteron and its performance (without OC). Basically just want great Videocard and fast processor. Lemme' know. THANKS for all the input everyone:


    Lemme know what you guys think now, hopefully its more clearer what i'm looking for. Take care -later
  28. 1.) Opterons are great for OCing but since you don't want to OC you should pick something else. The eVGA-board supports Opterons...

    2.) Just for information. Even the cheapest Opteron can beat the fastest AMD (AMD Athlon 64 FX-57). And OCing is much more simple with AMD64/Opteron compared to other CPUs.

    3.) Apple G5s are quite expensive compared to their performance.

    4.) a Geforce 7800GT maybe?

    5.) From what I've read nforce4 motherboards (like the eVGA 133) isn't very good for professional music production.
  29. Damn Guru, over 10 years? You make me look like a newbie...
  30. Quote:
    Damn Guru, over 10 years? You make me look like a newbie...

    Yepp, I built the first computer back in the summer of 1995. It was a Pentium 133MHz, 32MB RAM, 2GB Harddrive. At the time I had about 6 years of experience with computers but I had never built one before.
  31. I only have eight years of hardware experience. How does that make you feel?
  32. Quote:
    I only have eight years of hardware experience. How does that make you feel?

    Doesn't make me feel anything in particular. Eight years is really good as well :)
  33. Quote:
    1.) since you don't want to OC you should pick something else.

    which CPU do you recommend?
    - not OC'in
    - great for high-end/demanding games [low-mid usage]
    - awesome multitask [mid usage]
    - music recording/editing/listening [mid-high usage]
    - photoshop/web design [mid usage]
    - dvd's [mid usage]
    - ready for what future may bring

    I.] So which AMD do you recommend (brand/specs/details/price/etc)

    So far, my list of CPU's:
    - AMD Athlon 4000+
    - AMD Athlon 3700+
    - AMD X2 4200
    - AMD Athlon 3800+

    5.) From what I've read nforce4 motherboards (like the eVGA 133) isn't very good for professional music production.

    II.] So which mobo do you recommend thats:
    - AMD (the CPU you think thats appropriate for my usage) compatible
    - excellent performance (stock, not through OC'in)
    - support 7800GT well
    - SATA
    - good for music recording (fyi-i have a seperate recording unit with it's own built in sound card/ recording software that hooks up via. firewire so i may not need a professional recording mobo, what you think? )
    - and any other key features that you recommend (prob. don't need SLI)

    Thanks for the help. sorry for all these questions, i just need to get my money$ worth. thanks again. lemme know asap please. take care. -peace
  34. Quote:
    I would say if you are determined to get a Raptor, get a Seagate 250GB SATA drive for $99 for backup. they are HELLA good.

    Ok, so what would i put on each drive?
    WD Raptor 74GB:
    - XP
    - Games
    - software
    - programs
    - drivers/etc

    WD Caviar 250GB:
    -word files

    ? What would you put in the two?
  35. Quote:
    Quick answersjust plug your 250GB drive into your old computer....swap everything you want to keep to it. Then put that same drive into your new computer as a non-boot drive and you have just backed up all your music. UBER-simple.

    Ok, so, when i hook up all my new stuff:
    - Plugin the old 60GB ATA in new mobo
    - Plugin the new 74GB in new mobo

    Then set 74 to Master, and open up my Computer and go into the directory of the mp3's of the 60GB [D:] and just copy onto new 74GB [C:] ? Or what is the trick to transfering my music? [im assuming the 74=C: and 60=D:]
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