BIIIIG Problem - GeForce4Ti4200 and cannot install VGA drvr

Hello all..........

My Geforce 4Ti4200 started playing up a few weeks ago, basically couldnt play any games as they all crashed after the intros. (Funny coloured screen, followed by a reboot).

So I tried removing the drivers for the card, taking it out of the AGP slot and reinstalling. However, my PC won't recognise it as new hardware.

I have also noticed that my Video controller (VGA compatible) in device manager has a yellow question mark and exclamation mark by it. Windows detects this every time I boot up, but I cannot load the drivers for it (get a message saying cannot detect the VGA device). The drivers I'm trying to install are from my motherboard manufacturer, MSI (the board is a MS-6524).

Hope someone can help......

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  1. In almost every case it is best to use the latest ForceWare drivers on nVidia's website. Download those and try to install. (WinXP drivers)

    If that doesn't work, me thinks it's time for a new video card.

  2. If the above suggestion doesn't work, you might try getting drivers from your card's manufacturer.

    I have an MSI FX5900 XT (AGP) and I can't install the latest nVidia drivers because they don't support my card. I.E. When I try to install them, my computer gets fussy and I have to rollback to the previous driver. However (despite all warnings from Counterstrike Source that my drivers are outdated), I'm able to run all games as per usual without updating at present even though I'm stuck with the 66.93 drivers from MSI. :)

    And if trying to get drivers from the manufacturer doesn't work...yeah, get a new card man.
  3. You most likely need the original CD, though it's likely that you blew up DirectX yanking it out. Given the age of the card, you're probably running Windows 2K or simmilar, so a full OS/system upgrade might be the least painful option in the long run.

    I had the same problem a while back - had to install the original drivers. Then use the original installer's uninstall option to finally get it cleanly out of my system. The Nvidia utility is junk - it just won't work half the time unless your card is Direct-X 9 native.

    As for the crash when a game starts - look for a utility called Reforce. Set all of the computer refresh modes to 60hz. Set all of the OS modes to 60hz. This cures 90% of all Direct-X crashes. Most intro screens are VGA at best, or some odd mode(Windows does about 50 resolutions - most you've never heard of since DOS days) - so in my case, it somehow was trying to do 150hz refresh on intro screens, with predictable results.

    Of course, I got a new video card a few months later. Better all around.

    An AGP 6600GT, which is much MUCH faster is only $140 or so. Add some memory and maybe a bigger hard drive and a copy of XP... Instant decent gaming box.
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