Connecting three computers to one set of speakers.

I have a KVM (Keyboard Vid/Mouse) switch connecting 3 PC's and I would like to know if anyone out there has a line on a good mixer/splitter/patch-bay that can accept 3 stereo 1/8 inch male jacks from each PC and OUT them to a single set of speakers. A basic mixing capibility would be nice, but it's not totally needed.

Basicaly I want to share my set of computer speakers with all three PC's so that if I play an MP3 on PC A, i hear it and PC B gets an email, I hear that , etc..

I'm into music and see a ton of gear with RCA jacks and 1/4 mono plugs that woudl fit the bill but nothing specifically for PC sound in the 1/8 domain. I don't want to use adapters (although it's a last resort if nothing's out there)

It would make life easier!

I'd also probably not upgrade to a new KVM with this feature, as I already have one, I'm looking for something stand alone.

Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. If you don't need to switch them off, you'll just need a three-way splitter.
  2. I'd kinda like to control the volume from the hardware. there is like, nothing out there that does the job.

    You're right, I'm gonna have to solder some ends together and connect them to some pots and basically make my own.

    Oh well.
  3. I tried this once with 2 PCs into my home stereo system. games on 1, music on the 2nd. Unfortunately I had a lousy quality mixer & the output sound was distorted.

    Make sure you get a Good quality mixing board - id reserve $50-100 for one of these. from there its just a matter of getting cables to hook everything up.
    You should not need to solder anything. 1/8" plug to RCA adaptors are quite easy to come by if you have a radio shack in your area.
  4. pretty simple to get. head to radio shack or any pro audio store and pick up a mic mixer and some plug adapters. shouldnt cost you more than $50 or so for everything for computer level quality.

    sounds like it would work well for what you want
  5. Just a thought. I have 3 computers on one set of speakers, But my speakers have 2 sets of inputs and the 3rd computer is just plugged into the line-in on one computer. Ever think of using the line in and other ins(CD-in aux in) then the main computer will have some control of the volume on the other 2.

    My Set up

    Main Comp - 4.1 to speakers (AltecLansing 641)
    Second Comp - Second input on 641's
    Third Comp - To line_in on second Comp

    Maybe u can?

    Main comp - right to speakers
    Second Comp - To line-in on main
    Third Comp - to CD-in on main (if not in use) or maybe to line in on Second Comp?

    the only thing to watch out for is if you have a sound card with an amp on it you will want to keep the vol low on the comp and adjust with the line in control....

    this may sound like a pain, but I do think this is a good-ish way to do it and it works good for me...and all without distortion.... :D

    Hope this helps
  6. That would be *two* sets, which is a lot for a desktop, I'd think. And although he asked five years ago, that device happens to be exactly what he asked for.
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