Motherboards - bad capacitors still a problem?

planning on installing a new motherboard for the first time, not knowledgable about all this stuff and just came across this story about bad capacitors that were used on mobos a while back, then noticed one manufacturer stressing their boards use japanese capacitors - is this still a potential problem or have have I added 2+2 and made 5? thought I'd get an asus A8N, TIA
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  1. Asus wasn't privy to those earlier problems and actually used brand name caps until AFTER everyone else's problems became public. After a slew of stories said "Abit, MSI, Gigabyte, ECS, PC-Chips (etc) Products Fail...Asus uses brand name caps..." Asus felt that the public was secure enough in the brand to start using Tiawanese caps.

    The caps they use now are mid-grade. The occasionally fail but usually don't.
  2. and if they do fail they are easy to replace in most cases. but you have to be very good with a sodering iron to do it.
    you could even upgrade the caps if you think that they are cheap nasty ones lol.
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