GF6600 error msg: ROM checksum error

I am trying to upgrade my video card from a 64MB GeForce2 Mx100/MX200 to a GeForce 6600 256mb AGP4X/8X card. My AGP max is 4X.
1.6 MHZ P4
Bus Speed 400 MHZ
AGP Version 2.0
Power supply: Steady State 235 Watts

I recieved the ROM cheksum error at start up with the new card. The fan on the card operates so I know its powered and the screen before the error prompt recognizes it as a 256 mb 6600 but then it gives me the error message and says check my new hardware to see if thats the problem.

After reading as much as I could find, now I think it may be related to the power supply... is this the likely cause for this error message? Or should I just return the card to Newegg and try a downgrade. AOPEN is the manufacturer of the card. Your help is appreciated!

Oh I want to play the new Call of Duty 2 so I'm hoping this will work!!!
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  1. Try clearing the BIOS (via jumper) before returning that card or getting a new PSU.

    If that don't work, get a new PSU. 235 watts doesn't cut it for anything anymore. I would get a 350 watt PSU. According to BFG's website, you need 300 watts for the 6600 PCI-e version.

  2. Thanks, mpjesse. I'll give it a shot. Even if I go with a more system compatible GF6200 OC I would need at least 300 watts so I might get a new psu regardless. I haven't played around with pc hardware much so I'm kind of leery...but determined!
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