I want to build a computer in economically price(please help

Hi guys I want to build a computers and resell it so I want to it in very low price.
I would be appreciated if some one suggested me some of motherboard, in which some of computer component comes built-in like processor, vga and sound card.
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  1. Sounds like you do not have much PC build experience...
    In that case, I suggest your local Walmart or BestBuy and look at thier $400 to $600 rigs with O/S installed like HP or eMachines.
    Good value with warranty and easier on you.
  2. You can't build a low performance computer with software as cheaply as HP, Dell or eMachines.
  3. Hi guys thanx for your reply . Here in Kuwait the situation different built computer is cheaper the buying brands like IBM or emachins
    I would be appreciated If same one told me about the cheapest component of computer hardware
  4. here we go, these are the parts you need

    motherboard(mobo)-for intel mobo w/ AGP slots-$50 bucks should do
    w/PCI-E slots -$70
    same price for AMD w/ same slots
    CPU- this is one of the most expensive parts.
    for you, go with Intel Celeron or AMD Semprons. They can be bought at around $50 and be good enough for everyday use.

    Harddrive-80GB are about the smallest you can go these days -$50

    Ram- youo probably only need 512mb or lower, for $50 or less

    Power-a cheap can be got for $20 or less but you're taking the risk of frying your rig

    Case- standard atx case is less than $20

    CD-Rom-very cheap, dvd-cost a bit more but a cd-rw is included

    cpu fans and heat sink-AMD CPU come with it and Intel needs one for Like $15-20

    Video card- for a cheap rig you cheap go with integrated video on Intel mobo, or you can get an old one for less than $50

    Monitors cost the most for your rig
    CRT-50-100$ depending on brand and size
    LCD-no lesss than $150

    keep in mind these prices are in the US not Kuwait
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