k8ns wont turn on

about a week ago i was listening to my music and decided to switch speakers. while the computer was on i plugged them in like every other time.
about 5 mins later my computer restarted
i thought nothin of it since it does that every once in a while
i walked away during the reboot and heard it log on to my profile
when i came back into the room it was off
i tried turning it on and nothing happens.
i've tried pretty much everything from reseating the memory to removing the battery.
my first guess was a bad power supply
i replaced it and i noticed now when i turn the power supply from on to off, the fan spins.
the other weird thing is i borrowed at tester and when i plug the 20 pin into it, and the 12v into the mobo, the system fan spins.

any suggestions?

Win XP SP2
512 PC 3200
160gb maxtor
gigabyte GA-K8NS
AMD 64 3000+ SOCKET 754

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. You shorted your motherboard...were you using onboard sound?

    And why swtich speakers? thats random.
  2. yes i do have onboard sound and i switched from my large speakers (600 watts each) to my desktop speakers (night time!)
    does that mean i need a new mobo?
    thanx for ur help :)
  3. my guess is you had a power spike through your mobo and it fryed something....Yes you will need a new one.

    and also if you switch speakers alot you may want to get a sound card so you dont stress your mobo with the swtiching.

    Are yous speakers on when you plug/unplug them? if so thats not good...its not bad, but with switching nightly that coul be bad.
  4. what i did was had the big one's hooked to the back and i'd plug/unplug the small ones in the front audio port i had on my case
  5. I use headphones at night because i have neighbors....I dont have a super great set of speakers but i dont want to annoy anyone......

    So you plug and unplug your speakers through the fron port? thats a little different.....hmm.....but you could have still blwon your mobtherboard.
  6. yeah, everything seems to point to that, im gonna swap parts w/ a friend in a couple a days to find out for sure, ill update
    thanx for all of ur help
  7. Anytime
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