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I am trying to use a USB 2.0 flash drive on my win2k (non 2.0 compliant) hardware. As i understand it the device should work properly on 1.1 systems, just slower. Why is it then that when the device is plugged in it locks up the system? Explorer sees that a hard drive device has been connected and tries to read from it, lights flash on the pen, but never actually returns a directory listing. Also, if i try to boot the machine and the pen is in the slot, the computer stalls on memory check during the post until i remove it. The pen works fine on a computer with usb 2.0 but on 2 win2k usb 1.1 machines it does this. Is it a computer issue? OS? Or the pen?? Other USB devices work no problem on both machines....??

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  1. Since there are a billion USB chip manufacturers out there you're bound to run into problems. USB has the shittiest compatibility in the world IMO. Firewire is much better. USB 2.0 is a lot better than 1.1, but it's still screwy. I've encountered similar problems.

    Once I was about to put on this big physical security presentation for a bunch of DoE facility managers. They gave me some shitty Dell laptop w/ a cheap projector hooked up to it to make my presentation. I saved the powerpoint on a USB 2.0 jump drive manufactured by SanDisk. When I plugged the drive into the Dell laptop, it froze up. (the laptop didn't have USB 2.0 support) But, this USB 2.0 drive was supposed to be 1.1 compatible. But of course, it wasn't. I ended up having to go get my lappy and hook it up to the projector which was a whole 'nother mess.

    Anyways, there's no solution for this. USB just sucks.

    Also, if i try to boot the machine and the pen is in the slot, the computer stalls on memory check during the post until i remove it.

    My brand new Lenovo PC at work does the same farking thing. I have to unplug all USB mass storage devices before booting the PC or it locks up right after POST.

    So, it's not just you. I suspect the latter problem is an issue with Windows. I've noticed the same thing on other PC's.

  2. Try updating your chipset drivers to the latest ones.
  3. I've updated all my drivers for USB and my chipset from VIA as well as install the latest BIOS revision from asus but no more luck..

    I used a usb "scanner" to see if it gave more details and it shows an error corresponding to "Device cannot start"

    I did some reading and it is possible my usb ports aren't providing enough voltage for the device.. ?? Apparently older computers have less voltage than the newer models, regardless of USB version.

    I remember reading once about someone who used 2 USB ports to power a device and make more voltage available using some kind of splitter.. does anyone know details of that type of adventure?

    Thanks all!
  4. You can buy powered USB hubs that plug into the mains to provide power.
  5. An odd thing i noticed is any computer i look at be it one that accepts my USB device or not, puts out 500mA on the USB port... what difference would it make for different generations of machine or a powered hub if they all have the same power (unless it isn't REALLY 500mA)
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