bfg 6600gt OC w/ p4 1.8

went to compusa and picked up this video card for 170.


my system isnt exactly brand new. im running a pentium 4 northwood 1.8/400fsb overclocked to 2.0 on an asus p4s333m with a radeon 9500pro. i have 1 gig of RAM (PC2700) and my AGP slot is 2x/4x.

i want to play new games like fear, quake4 and age of empires 3,etc. i also play alot of guildwars and counterstrike source. framerates right now arent that hot. im wondering if i can see an improvement with just upgrading the video card instead of buying a brand new system. what do you think?
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  1. bad URL

    You dont have a bad computer....a 6600GT would be a nice adition to your seup....and make your computer last a little longer before your forced to upgrade.
  2. On your setup, you should be able to play those games at either 640x480 or 800x600 comfortably. Though, I think you'll have to scale down to 640x480 for FEAR. That game owns all systems. LOL.

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