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hi everyone, I have a generic USB Flash drive and I used it on a computer running XP Pro and now it has been write protected digitally, there are no manual switches on the drive. I am running W7 on my computer and would certainly appriciate any help You could give me.

Regards/Tazzieone :fou:
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  1. Thanks Mouse24, did that and received a message that the disk was write protected. I do have a file on the disk called "Autorun.inf" and this is Read Only & Hidden.

    Any suggestions?
  2. "Autorun.inf" may very well be a virus. We've had a problem with it at the college I'm attending. You should scan your device with an updated antivirus program. If it is infected, have the antivirus program remove it. You may then have to go to the command prompt (Start Menu > Run > "cmd"), change directory to where your device is (ex: "chdir /d e:" - where "e:" is the directory), and then change the attributes of the files in that directory (type "help attrib" to get a list of commands and details relating to "attrib"). I used "attrib -s -h *.* /S /D" and hit enter for my flash drive. This removed system (s) and hidden (h) file status for any file with any extension (*.*) throughout the entire drive (/S) and included folders themselves (/D).

    I have to warn you though, we are running Windows Vista and Windows 7 and I know this works for them, but I don't see why it shouldn't work for XP Pro. It's worht a try.

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