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hi, im planning to get a 7800 gtx but when it comes to brand im a bit confuse.. i was searching yesterday and found out that they have different mhz and core clocks. 8O i would appreciate if u guys could give me atleast 3 choices. :D i really dont know which one to get. and their price range isnt that far either. i dont mind the little price add-on. just wanna ask advice from yah guys first. :D
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  1. Read the Buyer's guide Sticky for recommended manufacturers...
  2. XFX, Asus, and eVGA commonly increase the clock speeds from reference on all their cards.

    XFX and eVGA offer lifetime warranties.

    I personally prefer XFX. But the rest will suit you just fine. Look for the card w/ the highest clock speeds and a decent warranty and get it.

  3. I second what mpjesse says and ~XFX is a good manufacturer which has a decent customer service, i have had 2 cards a 6800 which was xfx and a 7800gt which are both good OC cards.
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