Windows 7 device not available in AutoPlay window

I use to be able to directly connect my Canon digital camera to Windows XP and quickly retrive my pictures in a folder of my choice. But,,, no more,,, with Win7 :(
I read that many autoplay features available in XP are disabled in Win7 for security reasons.
Back on an XP machine I found that the wiaacmgr.exe file in System32 folder was involved in the retriving process. I tehn proceed to launch the same file in System32 Win7 folder. Instead the computer offered me to scan with my Canon MP780. Somehow I suspect that devices are hidden by a registry parameter.

Has anyone any idea on what it is I can do to regain retreival capability with my Canon digital camera.
I did phone Canon for technical support. Their policy is to mention that the camera is too old and Canon will not issue an updated driver for that purpose. I think it's bull. I am sure there is a way to fix this problem.

Much appreciation

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  1. When your camera's connected, have you tried accessing the data on it by going to My Computer and double-clicking on the camera icon?
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