ATI x1600 reviews/performance

anyone have any reviews on the new batch of 1600 cards?

i've just seen one so far on extreme hardware where the 1600xt was killed by both the 800xl and the 6800gs. i'd like to see a few more reviews on and see some lower spec cards like 1600pro if anyone knows any sites that reviewed them.
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  1. My god. I don't mean to be short, but come on man! GOOGLE IT!!!!!!!

    google "ati x1600 pro review"

    There's a billion reviews from all the top sites.

    Now, will someone please delete this post????????

  2. obviously.

    the reason i asked for suggestions is because while i can find a few myself- i don't know which sites are reputable.

    i figured someone can point me to a good one.

    so please don't post "google it" junk. There is a reason i asked for advice.
  3. The X1600XT is slower than the X800XL or 6800GS.

    Here's one recent PCI-e roundup:
  4. Xbit has two different types of reviews that give good insight into this;

    their recent mobility review included the X1600XT;

    and then their X800GTO review also had the X1600XT;

    What I don't like about the review is that they don't use current drivers, but then again supposedly there isn't much additional tweaking for the X1600 in the 5.11s which were X1800-centric drivers, the 5.9+X1 support is likely close to what we'll see until true X1600 series support comes in the Cat 5.13 driver release scheduled for just before the new year;
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