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Upgrade and OEM OS with an OEM upgrade?

Last response: in Windows 7
March 12, 2011 2:33:10 AM


I'd like to upgrade my Windows 7 Home Premium that came installed on my laptop, using the Anytime upgrade, to Windows 7 Professional. Will a registration key from an OEM version work or do I need to supply a key from a retail version?

March 13, 2011 8:48:55 PM

davcon said:
No you'll have to buy the key from MS or an authorized retailer.

I am about to buy a laptop with Win 7 Home Premium pre installed. I have the option to upgrade to Win Pro for $134 or Ultimate for $184. These sound like OEM prices to me. I find it hard to believe that they are going to format the drive to install an upgrade for that price. I strongly suspect the upgrades are not retail products and if not how can they do this?
March 14, 2011 1:55:03 AM

Since no answer to my second question was forthcoming I researched it so I can now answer it myself. No, I *do not* need to buy a key from an authorized dealer and spend that ridiculous and criminal amount of money, I can buy an OEM and just do a clean install. Yes, that upgraded version will be bound to my computer like the other one but I don't need to spend $250 to $300 just for some additional features if I want to put a little work into it myself. Think that sound like a viable option rather than to be further ripped off by MS.