Jetway Sli...3-Day...shipped today

Finally i got a buyer for my a8n-sli del, and i've decided to try out that Jetway I've heard good things from. The only bad thing so far i've heard about it, is that it has issues with sound. I wouldn't use the sound anyway...sba2. Anyone around here actually have one yet? Tried it?

Jetway 939GT4-sli
TCCD Patriot 2x512
1x120 wd (becoming boot drive)
1x36 wd raptor (games)
xp90 w/92mm tornado

...and soon to be some case modding for extra cooling over the 6800's, as well as 1-2 exit fans in the top of the case; the two exit fans 80mm at the back of the case will now be entrance fans for extra cooling on the cpu.

AMD: [64 3000+][2500+][2400+][2000+][1.3][366]
Intel: [X 3.0x3][P4 3.0x2][P4-M 2.4][P4 1.4]

"...and i'm not gay" RX8 -Greatest Quote of ALL Time
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  1. This is kinda a followup for this guy...

    Hmm...where to start...

    Well, this board just didn't like me...Or maybe i had too high a hopes for it. The tccd ram i have, has issues with it. Patriot XBLK 2x512. I'm having trouble stablizing it at 1T and 400. Screw oc'ing. One of the reviews i read on this board used specifically Patriot xblk 2x512 tccd lol. Oh well.

    I didn't have the sound issues i thought i would. I had some ocz 2x1024 gb stuff in there running 233 1:1 1T cmd rate for a while with my 3000+. I also recorded 240 and 250 in futurmark on this board.

    There hadn't been an update to the bios in a long time for this board, (july of last year...) so i called up the company (i found an office in California with an 800 number), they walked me through Jetway's website to where i could download an update. Which was great...but the update, while it loaded just fine, didn't work after rebooting. My computer was dead afterwards of course...So they said they'd send me a new bios chip...Well i emailed them a month later asking about it, i guess there had been a shortage, but they had one when i called...I got it about a week later, without a tool to take out the old one. That was a royal pain getting the old one out.

    So, now i have a Jetway board that works...It runs solid now. That's about the best thing i can say about it. Running solid is great, but i'm still left with the sour taste that can only be left behind by buying cheap and getting crapped on.
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