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what is clock rate of radeon x800 , agp 256 bit

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
December 8, 2005 1:46:26 AM

havning hard time finding the clock rate of the radeon x800gt agp card. I find the clock rate for the regular x800 on newegg but it dosnt say clock rate of the gt. thanks guys. oh and im buying this crad to replace my 9800 256bit, 128mb card, i will see an inprovement in my games right, even if it is only a bit.
December 8, 2005 1:11:54 PM

Oddly enough, if you type "What is the clock speed of the x800GT" into google and click on the very first result, you get this little page, which if you scroll down just a little, shows you a nice table of the x800 lineup...

Clockspeed isn't really the important thing though. at 475Mhz the GT is 75Mhz faster than the XL (at 400Mhz), but because it has 8 pipelines (as opposed to the XL's 16) it still gets it's ass handed to it by the XL. similar story with the plain x800 (which has 12 pipelines and also 400Mhz). Although it's slower than the GT, it's still a better performer.

forget clockspeeds, and look at Performance comparisons.
December 8, 2005 9:10:54 PM

475! really. okay im really confused about something. when i went to newegg it says the clock speed of the regular x800 located here

is 392mhz, and is $230.00 at newegg . but the x800GT is 475mhz(according to the website you gave me) but is only $169.00 at newegg, located here

. How can that be??. but im asuming there will deff be a performace bost, even if it is a little compaired to my 9800 pro right? do you by chance maybe know how many more FPS i would probally get compared to my radeon 9800 pro.
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December 8, 2005 9:16:47 PM

okay im getting it a bit now, the clock rate is 475 , but the core rate is 392 or 400. whats the diff between core clock and clock rate??
December 9, 2005 7:28:44 AM

As I said above, the plain x800 is a better performer than the x800GT. that's why it costs more.

The GT is a slightly crippled version of the x800. the x800GT can't do as much with 400Mhz as a 'normal' x800 can. The x800 can process around 50% more per Mhz than the x800GT, because it has 12 pixel pipelines instead of the GT's 8.

Think of it as an engine's max RPM (Mhz) Vs. Horsepower/Torque.(Pipelines). Imagine the GT is a 2 litre 4 cylinder engine, then the plain x800 is effectively the same engine but with 2 more identical cylinders, so it's a 6-cylinder 3 litre engine instead... So even if you get the 2 litre to rev up to 7000RPM and the 3 litre to 6200RPM, the 3 litre's still going to have more power.

Just forget clockspeed when it comes to graphics cards. It means nothing when comparing a bunch of stock (i.e. not overclocked) cards.

The x800 will give better gaming performance than the x800GT, which is why it costs more.