Which Ram is best for AMD

The OCZ Titanium is CAS 2 and is PC3200 but the OCZ Gold is CAS 3 and PC4000,

Now im going for 2x1GB =2 gigs and i want to know which of these two will give me overall better performence,
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  1. For 2x1GB, these are probably your best option. I'm pretty sure that the CAS 3 on the PC4000 based on the 500MHz speed, not the standard 400 MHz, so you might be able to take them down to a CAS 2 if you really wanted to.
  2. OCZ is good... i like Corsair XMS series.
  3. yea wusy, you'd take the Crucial over the Corsair XMS line? if price isn't an option tho..
  4. Which Ram is the best Overall for AMD?
  5. lol there's no best it depends on your motherboard and if you OC and how you run them .. timmings what not..

    you'll be fine with ocz, corsair xms, crucial... certain kingston's
  6. Should i wait for AMD Motherboards to accept DDR 2 or is DDR2 not worth it in terms of increase in performence, and what RAM is best for the motherboard that i chose. Thank you.
  7. Best Ram for Best AMD configuration?
  8. you'd be fine with the brands i listed.
  9. If you want to be 100 percent safe you can always check the documentation from the motherboard supplier (if they get it wrong who else is left to trust). Seriusly though, if you don't plan on overclocking or wessing around with the BIOS use PC-3200 memory with low CAS. You can also use the corsair xms chips with auto configuration. If you are planning to overclock, use the ones that have a high speed rating like PC4000. Do not these chips if u aint using it's full potential, that'll hust be a waste of money. Money that you can use for other pieces of hardware, or a couple of dinners. :wink: Remember, there is never a clear cut answer to these types of questions, so don't ask again. :twisted:
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