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I have a Dell Dimension 3000 with 3 PCI slots, no AGP/PCI-X :(

I just upgraded my RAM to 1.12gb and I'm looking to get a top quality video card for one of my PCI slots. I know that there isn't much to work with out there so I need some peoples opinion on which of these 2 graphics cards are better:

1- Geforce FX5500 256MB 128-bit DDR

2- Geforce FX5700LE 128MB 64-bit DDR

Newegg only carries the second one refurbished, but I can buy it off of Amazon new.

Any feedback would be great, If you know of a better card that uses PCI interface that would be great as well. Thank you!
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  1. hmm no i think that 5700 was the last pci card they made, try and see if you can find a 128 bit version althought i dont know much about pci so i dont know the impact it would have on it hopefully someone else does.
  2. personnaly i would go for the 64bit mem interface...

    standard pci runs 32bits at 33mhz for 133mb/sec.
    so 128bit give more bandwith but it is overkill... :twisted:

    what is the goal of this upgrade?
    if you want to play games it wont be the latest ones you know...
  3. Why is this in overclocked section? **mutters to self, "oh, he bought a Dell"**
  4. well i guess the 5700le would be your best bet.
  5. ya... if you can find anything higher then a 5700 try and get one... I used to have a Chaintech 5700le before my 6800gt and it ran painkiller Meduim settings at 1024x768 no problem. Maybe that gives you a idea on its proformace.
  6. they dont make anything higher than a 5700le.
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