Buying a new case...what would you get?

I have a budget max of 100.00$ what case would you guys get and please post all links as to where the case is. Price has to include shipping and a 300w power supply. This is the one I was thinking of getting ENLIGHT 7237/3 MIDDLE TOWER W/300W ATX POWER SUPPLY 4x5.25" 2x3.5" 1x3.5"(hidden)Detail Specs here is the URL<b>Computer+Cases-PC</b>&back=Prodenlight.hmx? lemme know what you guys think of it. It comes with 300w power supply but it is 97 with shipping included. Thanks to whoever replies!!!!

In the immortal word's of Bob Marley, "Let's get together and feel alllright..."
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  1. Jarablue, I just saw your post about puter boxes. I always buy Enlight 7237. Great case for the money. I just got a new one for new system from for $81.00 which included shipping. This is one of the newer style boxes with an additional exhaust fan in the back of the case and seperately removable sides. It also has the 300 watt power supply. Great box for $54.00 plus shipping. It seems Belka is a reputable online retailer as the box showed up within 5 days of my order via UPS.
  2. I too have an Enlight 72** case but I opted for an enermax 330W power supply. The case is great.

    Note: If you move the fan from the front lower part of the case to the back and make it an exhaust fan it makes a big difference in temperatures.

    - JW
  3. I'm also looking for a case, but a little different than most look for. I want an IBM Aptiva style case (E85) that slides off the front with a catch under the front facia. Yep, the whole case comes off the front, think about it for a second or two. There is no pulling the case out of the resting spot, no lifting the case to access the rear screws, and so forth. I am currently investigating if I can purchase one of these cases without the rest of the gear. Also mine seems to have an AT type PS with an ATX type MB except for the connector to the PS. Mine also has a slide-in power supply unlike any other I have seen, it slides in from the slide with a groove arrangement. If anyone can help with a supplier or manufacturer, I would appreciate it. Take-Out
  4. If u want a case u can access easily, try the Fong Kai FK-603.
    I have one and it comes apart super easy. Just 2 clips and the rear panel comes lose.
    Then the side panel slide right off.
    I only have a Gateway case to compare it to but it’s far superior to it.
    This is where I bought mine.

    Only 67 bucks.
  5. I got an Alpha full tower, it got lots of space for later if you need it. Also great for people who like lots of fans to keep the system cool. Here is some info on it:
    (W X H X D) 7½" x 27"(wheels on) x 16¾"
    Drive Bays: 6 x 5-1/4", 2 x 3-1/2", 6 x 3-1/2"(Hidden)
    Fan openings: 1 x front bottom, 2 x back top, also space to have an extra one cut out at the CPU.
    This case have enough space for going crazy and doing some wild cooling, or loading it up with all kind of goodies.
    It was only 95$ (canadian) with the 300W PS (no shipping, corner store deal ;) ).
    Here is some pictures if you guys care.
  6. >> slides off the front with a catch under the front facia

    oh man, my Aptiva (e26) had (still has actually:) that kind of case... it RULED my world. Accessible, upgradable, reliable, perfect. And sliding the power supply out in 0.5 seconds is just too cool for words:)
    I've NEVER seen anything like it elsewhere...

    However, it may not be nearly as good for the new processors (Duron/Tbird), since it doesn't provide cooling capabilities -- unless you drill your own, there is no air coming in except at the pover supply fan (and maybe that weird semi-circular thing at the top:)
  7. What case would I get? A Tornado 2000 or a Clear Viewtech clear plexiglass case w/400 watt power supply. Thats what I would get...
  8. I like SuperPower cases, available on, website
  9. You've probably picked one by now, but no case discussion is complete without mentioning the Antec SX830. I just put together a system using one and it's a very nice case. I got mine from for $81 including shipping.
  10. Nope I am still debating on which one to get. All your replies are greatly appreciated.

    In the immortal word's of Bob Marley, "Let's get together and feel alllright..."
  11. I am surprised no one has mentioned inwin.

    Inwin cases are a bit cheaper than enlights and are just as bomb tight. The full tower case has 5 5 1/2 bays and 4 hard drive bays with a removable motherboard rack. You can get it in mid tower if you want. I recommend you check out inwin. They are sturdy, static proof, and very modable cases (easy to add fans).
  12. why dont any of the links on this post work?
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