Mouse just stops working!

Optical light turns off, windows makes that retarted noise when somthing from the usb was unplugged or sut off... Any idea as to why? Driver error?

Microsofft explorer 3.0 5 button optical. 4 years old.
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  1. Try changing usb ports. If possible plug it into a usb powered hub or a pci sub card. I had the same problem with my mouse. Would just quit working. Unplub and replug and its back. Eversince I put it in a usb 2.0 pci card it hasnt dropped off once.
    It could just be a driver issure or maybe the usb is losing power or something. I quit worrying about it since it stopped messing up.
  2. Yeah, It was doing that in the PS2 port, and I changed it to USB and its worse!
  3. that sucks...
  4. Mouse / USB could be dying.

    In anycase, try updating your chipset drivers...who knows, it could help.
  5. If it is dying, It served me well! :)
  6. No doubt! :wink:
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