AMD 4400+ X2, 2GB OCZ Platinum, A8N-SLI Premium, Asus X800

What should my values be set at. I know how to get in bios and change everything around. Could someone give me a list of what to set all my values at? That would really help, thanks! Im looking for a stable overclock.

Also... The video card... Right now it's set to the default 100mhz do I keep that setting and overclock it in windows with ATI Tool? Or would it be better to overclock in bios, and use ATI tool?

The platinum ram said 2-3-2-5 I think thats what it's rated for. I am really confused when I go into the memory settings in bios there are so many more options than just 4 number values. Could someone please take me step by step, option by option? Thanks guys!

It's a gaming rig =] PS: I might might might get a vapochill for x-mas, then we can do some serious overclocking, right now I just have the zalman all copper 120mm fan setup, it's real efficient for what it is (a fan) so just remember im only working with that right now. PEACEE!!!
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  1. I also have AiBooster installed and running. So maybe I can overclock with this tool as well =]
  2. Lock the PCIe at 100mhz. OC your video card with software.

    Read the Memory FAQ stickied at the top of the memory section for RAM timing info.

    Overclocking is all about you learning what your CPU, mobo and RAM will do together. Up the FSB 5 mhz, test. Up it 5 more, test. Repeat until satisfied/disheartened. :wink:

    You want to find out 3 things: 1) How fast the CPU can go, 2) how fast the mobo can take the FSB, and 3) how fast the RAM can go (incl. timings).

    Drop the HTT multiplier to 4x (drop it to 3x after you break 250fsb) and start turning things up.

    To find CPU max, set RAM to 166, leave CPU multiplier at max and crank up the FSB. When you find the CPU's max, reset everything to stock.

    To find mobo max, set ram to 166, CPU mult at say 6 or so, and crank up the fsb. When you find th fsb max, reset to stock.

    To find RAM max, set ram to 200, cpu mult to say 6 or so, crank up FSB. Adjust timings as necessary for your preferences.

    When you find the max for each thing, decide whether you want (for example only) 300fsb/x8mult/166ram or 250fsb/x10mult/200ram. or whatever...

  3. I have my ram at 333mhz right now ^_^ fsb at 220, and multiplyer is just stock. It's doing well =]
  4. Sweet. Keep going. :)

    Should be able to break 250 without trouble since you're running the RAM on a divider.

  5. That ram might be able to get aroud 300fsb....there is one type of OCZ ram that goes up super high for a 2gb kit.

    Also what the hell did you get the 4400 if you planned on OCing? you should have savd the money and just got thr 4200+ or even the 3800+(less cache but a huge OC would make up for it.)

    And WHO THE FUCK is giving you a vapochill for x-mas? i want to be on that list.....i could use a couple 250GB SATA drives....thanx
  6. parents :lol: *I THINK* I will let people know in this thread if it actually happens becuase then I will be needing a lil bit of help and suggestion
  7. What are your timing settings at? I can't clock past 2.31 ghz (on my cpu) without getting errors.
  8. Quote:

    Overclocking is all about you learning what your CPU, mobo and RAM will do together. Up the FSB 5 mhz, test. Up it 5 more, test. Repeat until satisfied/disheartened.


    I like how fishmahn is a teacher with his overclocking statements...Helped a lot...good lookin fishmahn
  9. You really should try to keep your menmory in sync with the fsb speed. If you loosen up the timing to 3 4 4 8 you should be able to run that memory at 1/1 with the fsb at 250 or 260 mhz. Bring your voltage on your cpu up to 1.45 or 1.50. Your voltage on your dram should be up to 2.75 or2.80. That x2 4400+ should overclock easily to 2.5 or 2.6 ghz. By running your multpliyer at 10 and your fsb at 250 or 260.
  10. What are all your options at? I'm a bit af a newbie at this and can't figure out all of the ram options.
  11. Heya...Which ocz plat did you get? There are two different versions. One is the 3200 version which is good up to 240-250fsb, and the hard to find plat stuff that is rated to 250fsb at 2 3 2...

    Either way, with my ocz 3200, i was able to hit 250, but not terribly stable. 240 is a safer, easier clock, at 3 4 4 8 and the rest stock.

    On your board...Meh, i can't remember off the top of my head...i was thinking the 2 3 2 5 rating was equivilent to 2 2 3 5 on that mobo, but i'm not absolutely sure. Ah here we go...
    Here are the settings i have at 240 on the a8n-sli premium.

    3 8 4 4 8 14 4 3 1T @ 240fsb (with 2 3 2 3200 ocz plat 2gb kit)(tested on a 3000+ and a x2 3800+)

    currently i'm running 233fsb 1:1 3000+ 3 7 3 3 8 12 2 2 1T with the plats

    @ 240 you can go as tight as 3 8 4 4 8 12 2 2 1T
    You might even be able to squeeze a 3 out of one of the 4's depending (possibly even 2...i was able to post without issue and boot without issue at 250 and the same settings as the 240; it wasn't stable however).

    Despite what people are saying, you very well may not be able to hit 240 or 250fsb with that cpu...However you could do better, it's been pretty random on who gets a good memory controller. Some people are getting crazy oc's, some aren't, even on the same ram. My 1gb tccd kit, is good to about 330fsb, and the cpu is good to 265fsb, however, at 1:1 the best i can do is 250fsb with really high (slow) timings on the ram.
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