Please recommend me a good graphics card

Sorry to ask such a difficult question but could somebody recommend me a card. I dont want it for games. I do a lot with Photoshop and watch a few dvds on my viewsonic monitor. Dont mind spending a few quid but not too much. Probably going to be a PCI card as I'm shortly to recive my new mobo

Hope you can help me

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  1. Photoshop?

    If you never, ever will play any games buy the cheapest Radeon or Geforce you can find. You might want to go with a Radeon, their cheap cards have good display quality and good DVD playback.

    You should look for a Radeon X300SE, that's probabbly the cheapest PCI-express card you sould find.
  2. grab the ATI x1300. it can do all that, and is a encoding beast. it's should be just as cheap as the x300, but way better architechture.
  3. Well, the X300 can be had for about $45, the X1300 can be had for about $90.

    The X1300 is much nicer if you plan to play alot of DVDs or Video. Other than that, Photoshop won't show a difference.
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