Which 7800GT performs best


I'm currently looking at buying a new graphics card and decided that the 7800 GT looks best for me. Are there any major differences between different manufacturers : XFX, MSI, Asus,...

Thx :D
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  1. I beleive the XFX and BFG manufacturers cards come stock overclocked.

    I have just bought myself a XFX 7800GT 256Mb, and it comes already overclocked in the box.
  2. Just got my eVGA 7800GT today actually the 516 model

    my 3dmark score is somewhere in the 7500's with no tweaking yet. went from an ati X800GTO (unlocked Connect3d) to this.

    their customer support is great.
  3. Quote:
    me. Are there any major differences between different manufacturers : XFX, MSI, Asus,...
    Other than quality control issues, any differences in specs (core clock, mem clock, whatever) are, well, in the specs. :o Just look them up and compare.
  4. xfx performs best out of the box.
  5. XFX for sure customer service is good.

    And the card OC really well i have achieved a core clock stable of 528mhz and memory of 1224mhz stable have not bothered to benchmark in 05 yet at these speeds.

    Check my 3dmark05 score out.
  6. I think the EVGA GF7800GT CO has some of the best features including being the fastest 'stock' card, and in many places I've seen it for less than most plain GT, even eVGA's plain GT.

    Beyond that it's a question of personal preference.
  7. I got a $300 7800GT eVGA card, its 460 Mhz. So to be a fan boy I'll say its the best.
  8. Thanx to you all.
    I think I go for the XFX.

    This is how to configuration will look like. I'm only not sure about the deluxe version. Is the premium or the A8N32 a better choise?

    Antec Midi Tower Sonata II 450W
    Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe PCI-E Nforce4
    AMD Athlon64 X2 3800+ 64Bit Boxed
    Maxtor 200GB 16Mb Sata 7200rpm
    XFX 7800 GT 256Ram
    Sony DRU810A DVD DL 16X/8.5GB
    Zalman CNPS7700B-CU cpu cooling
    Zalman Videocard Active Cooling VF700-Cu
  9. might need 550 psu to be on safe side. my set up will be very similar (when i get it, maybe not this side of xmas in order to get slightly better system) and it's coming with 550 psu and thats in a mini tower!
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