Do you attend in-person user groups anymore

Guys and Gals - I just wrote a blog that captures my th0oghts on the viability of in-person user group meetings. Without revealing my age (wink-wink) I remember when user group meetings (like the 3rd TH of the month) where packed in the late 80s into the mid-90s). Has that shifted to online forums like Tom's Hardware?

I am very interested in this and I want to write a follow-up blog based on your responses. :bounce:

Harry Brelsford
CEO, SMB Nation
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  1. Usergroups have been replaced by content specific seminars and classes. I think the web has served a great purpose in replacing in-person usergroups with obvious limitations. Now, gathering with piers serves a different roll, not so much to learn, but to keep contacts and socialize with similar minded folks.
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