A Program like Drivereasy but for DLL's. Or best way to fix dll's

Hi there,

Like a lot of people, Im experiencing the whole DLL thing and the only way I get to know their gone is when a program cant load and tell me. Even after downloading some from and trying regsvr32, it says check if its a valid file.

Im looking for a program, like Drivereasy but for DLL's. I want to be able to find and download them in sort of an organized method and know what im missing. Or do you have a better way? Also I should point out that Im unable to register a lot of them because its not a valid file, but its a dll and new one. Im having trouble with games at the moment on one, its xlive.dll . (I run win7 64-bit, Ive put the xlive.dll in the system32, syswow64, the game directory, the other sub game directories incase its looking there.

So how do I just find a nice program to help me along with this .

Finally, I keep reading about use a registry scanner to fix your dll problems. Am I wrong, this is all i see on the internet, is get a registry cleaner. I have used cleaners for a while like marcos/ccleaner, but if the DLL is not there, how on earth is this registry cleaner going to fix the problem?/.

Whats the best way to do this fast and right
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    Take a look around, altho as you have win 7 ???, anyway can't hurt...:)
  2. Hello

    Majorgeeks is a good site, I've used it for a number of years but what im trying to ask is a program that finds the missing dll's and or downloads them and restores them. Without having to download unreliable, possibly virus ridden dll's from sites
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